Macro Beauty

A beautiful fungi and mini landscape.


beautiful details

the cosmos in a fungi

reveal hidden charms


Fungi landscape.

Followers of my blog will know that I love macro photography. The process of looking closely at nature and the world around helps me to find beauty where it might be all too easy to miss in rather ordinary settings. I enjoy finding what seem like miniature landscapes when I narrow my focus on the details. Those details like in these fungi are fascinating and inspiring to me and I found them in rather ordinary setting like walking around the block or local park. Being focused on the present moment and tiny details, helps shift my mental and emotional states. And time in nature, always feeds my body and soul.

Another fascinating fungi.

I hope you find some beautiful details and ways to feed your soul this week.

Blessings, Brad


68 thoughts on “Macro Beauty

  1. Yes, Brad, I know your fondness of macro photography. “The cosmos in a fungi.” How wonderfully expressed.
    I take photos like that on walks too. The beauty and diversity in nature is inspiring and healing.


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  2. The first one is so pretty, like a seashell. The second one reminded me of rolling green hills. And the third made me think of a volcano. Nature has a way of repeating its patterns throughout and I always love looking for those patterns.

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  3. I really like your use of “cosmos” as description, and I agree. Looking closely at natural things can show you intricate details, making the things even more beautiful. The other day, I took a photo of a butterfly on a leaf. I zoomed in on the blue spots on the butterfly’s wings. The blue spots were made of many little spots assembling. Wonderful πŸ™‚

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  4. Again beautiful macro photography and poetry from you, Brad. Your creativity shines through both these forms of art. Love how you brought out the colour, patterns and texture in the fungi. It almost looks like a big seashell to me. β€˜cosmos’ is an apt way of describing the intricacies of nature, well done. Keep finding those beautiful details around you πŸ™‚

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  5. I believe that there is beauty all around and that all we need to do to find it is look. It’s amazing how calming it is for me when I look up and gaze at the sky, day or night. There is magic and wonder up there. Just like you found on your walk. Your photos are beautiful, and I very much love this post, Brad. πŸ„

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  6. That first fungus reminds me of the wings of a moth… I also recently came across an article about how eating a couple of portions of mushrooms each week improved memory/brain function in older humans (findings from a recently completed five-year research study). Hurrah for the beauty β€” and sometimes the healthy deliciousness β€” of fungi!

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  7. I recall the fascination with fungi in a past post, Brad. Due to the often damp weather, we have many fungi on the Island. I often take photos. You have inspired me to possibly add a post about them. You are absolutely right about the beautiful details. Gorgeous photos, Brad!

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