Foraging For Fungi


Foraging For Fungi

fungi, poetry


fungi, beauty

nature’s recyclers

share beauty and nutrients

harbinger of life



nor an



separate kingdom

nutrient cycling

natural decomposer

beautiful, magical moments

ethereal birth, growth, and rebirth

fantastic fungi foraging forays


These images are from my trip to Virginia back in September. I was delighted to find an abundance of fungi to photograph and enjoy on my stroll along the creekside trail. Nature almost always inspires and rejuvenates me. This time she inspired both a haiku and etheree poem.ย 

fungi, beautyfungi, beauty











Happy Foraging! creekside, beauty


57 thoughts on “Foraging For Fungi

  1. I so love these magickal captures of fantastic fungi! And your inspired musings are equally beautiful. So happy you find inspiration and renewal in nature…it’s the bestest place for me to experience that too. love and sweet hugs kindred spirit!

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  2. Brad, your photos are great, so much colour and form highlighted. I love your poems too and the strength within.
    I am sure you know that a great number of fungi are delicatessen. You need to know what you are picking though as many are poisenous.


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  3. Just fabulous, Brad. Can never get enough fungi.๐Ÿ˜ Iโ€™ve been out foraging lately, too. Iโ€™m learning which ones are edible, many more than I imagined.

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  4. I never thought of taking photographs of fungi. It is quite inspiring but I probably wonโ€™t be able to capture it the way you did – that takes lots of patience I bet. ๐Ÿ˜…

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  5. Hello dear Brad, yay I loved my visit to your blog as usual! I felt rejuvenated looking at your gorgeous photographs and reading your haikou. Itยดs basically like this: When I quickly checks the news online, I feel like I am a 1000 years old. When I read and take in your work, I feel 10, in a good way. I chose 10! Lol. Thank you for these wonderfully uplifting moments that you provide us with:) Big hugs!

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  6. They are very beautiful and I love how your write about fungi. “… magical moments/ethereal birth, growth, and rebirth…” makes me think about how in Star Trek Discovery (CBS all access) they use “spores derived from the mycelium of some types of fungi,” to travel or “jump” extremely fast across vast distances.. I’ve just started season 2 and they have brought up some interesting ideas about the spore network and connections which are ? in another dimension. I know that sounds pretty strange, but I’m glad this mystery has made its way into popular culture to make us wonder.

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  7. A great title, Brad. Your poem describes well the importance and mystery of fungi in few words. I love your word โ€œharbingerโ€ in this context. I have always been a fan of Fungi. Now, even more, after reading your words. ๐Ÿ™‚ Erica

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