Mystic Mountains

Mystic Mountains


emerald green peaks

white fog covers the valley

magical moments


After hiking in the rain at a nearby park, my friend Steven and I stopped at this beautiful vista aptly called Artist Point for a wonderful view of cascading mountains, river, and valley below. We were treated with this magical view of mist and clouds hovering all over the region. I sure am glad we took the long way home! It was the perfect cap to a day filled with gratitude. I really enjoyed the day, even hiking in the rain, getting wet, slowing down, and enjoying the moment.


34 thoughts on “Mystic Mountains

  1. What a lovely poem and place! It’s been a while since I hiked in the rain, but I still remember that feeling of being totally immersed in nature. Good thing it was summertime. 🙂 Glad you got to experience the magic.

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  2. Thanks for adding the link here. ARKANSAS! I know so little about the state, but now I know it includes an amazing visit called Artist Point. When I close my eyes now, I can imagine the mystical things that are taking place there. W O W.

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  3. Wow. Just wow. Mountains are where I’m at home and these are beautiful!! What a view! I can imagine you did feel refreshed after a hike like that. There’s something so magical about finding the perfect spot in nature. Looks like you found it!

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  4. What a lovely experience! That fog is gorgeous. I’m just getting back to the mountains and am grateful for moments like these, as well. Nature is truly a balm, so healing no matter what you’re going through.


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