Tranquil Nights

Tranquil Nights


tranquil evenings

communing with life’s beauty

respite for my soul


Over various periods in my life, watching sunsets has been a nightly ritual. A way to return to my soul. Resting in the beauty of nature, watching the sunset, and opening myself, I feel alive, grateful, and one with life.

May you find those moments and ways to nurture your soul.


39 thoughts on “Tranquil Nights

  1. beautiful brad ❤ nature provides us so much. everyone has something different that feeds their soul and nurtures the spirit. like you, i find nature to be the best at that for me too. sunsets and sunrises mirror the rising and setting cycles within.

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  2. To me, you have shown a lot of dedication to return to source.. your source. Your words and expressions here come across to me as gentle and centered in the awareness of the time you give to what “sets” you in your place of peace and simple joy. Thank you, Brad! Maybe the ritual can come back again… sunset gazing (and rising) with consistency. I know I always wanted to do that!

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  3. Wonderful capture.. I love the silhouette on the water, it’s like a painting! There is something extraordinary about sunsets and also sunrises, the effect they have on us is. Sunsets and rises vary a lot in the UK, they’re not always spectacular (way too much cloud!) But some beautiful open areas, especially over sea or large areas of hills and mountains it can be awesome. I remember seeing a sunrise once where the cloud was low and fluffy cotton balls, it all turned cotton candy pink… the whole village looked like it had gone to another planet… pink was everywhere. On that occasion, cloud seem to add something wonderful. I never found another person who saw it… there are advantages to being an insomniac sometimes! It was the only time I had black and white film loaded in my camera and no colour film in the house.. crazy! It will forever just be a mind memory. 🙂

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