Night of the Soul

Night of the Soul

Nightsky at Kings River Falls, AR by Brennen Duffield


galaxies twinkle

painting the sky with beauty

alive with wonder


The night sky has a way of reminding me of the beauty, wonder, and immensity of the universe. It’s been far too long since I spent time simply gazing at the night sky in wonder. This beautiful image by Brennen Duffield reminds me of the beauty and nourishment to be found gazing at the night sky.

I discovered her photography on Facebook. Brennen was gracious to allow me to use her image for creating this poem. Please visit her website Brennen Duffield Photography and share the love!

Thanks, Brad


53 thoughts on “Night of the Soul

  1. Brad, the image is truly astonishing and your words a beautiful accompaniment to the visual magic. When one truly looks up at the night sky the might of the cosmic beauty is almost overwhelming – but one that has always captivated humans.

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  2. Beautiful! I love sky gazing – day or night, but living in the city with all the lights, I rarely see many stars. I know what you mean about the night sky reminding you about the immensity of the universe, it’s so amazing isn’t it? And everything in it is connected – even us with the stars! ❀

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  3. What a gorgeous picture. Sometimes people say looking at the galaxy with its plethora of stars makes them feel insignificant – but I don’t think it’s meant to – it makes me feel an integral part of a dazzlingly beautiful whole πŸ’–βœ¨πŸ’«

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  4. Stunning image by Brennan, and a lovely poem from you, Brad. I too love a night sky with stars overhead but like you haven’t done that in a while. It’s winter here in Australia and I much rather stay in indoors in warmth than being cold outside at night lol. When you do go out to gaze at the night sky, you’d hope for there to be stars πŸ™‚ Also I read your previous posts and very nice to hear you spent some time with your mum and family πŸ™‚

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  5. Stunning image…I so miss the ability to look up at the stars like that. I have lived in cities with light pollution most of my life. I remember visiting my parents in their new home (after all of us kids grew up and left) just outside of Cedar Rapids, Iowa in the country. No street lights, etc….it always amazed my. That’s a sight not seen living in the LA metro area!

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  6. This is an inspiring photo is so many ways. For one to make a capture like this… for two… to spend some more time under the stars near a rushing river, and all the sounds this picture conjures! Great image! I enjoy your haiku – seems like it came together with a flow and a focus. Great title.

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