Soulful Sunday 101

This week I’m starting a new series called Soulful Sunday.

Soulful Sunday

Its purpose is to remind us of the beauty of our soul. There may be quotes, poems, or musings about our soul and what feeds our spiritual being. Although Awesome Stories nourishes many of us with stories of inspiration and hope of a better tomorrow, I feel the call of my soul. It’s asking me to remember that I am ok, right now, as I am. There is nothing to do, be, or change.

Simply rest in the beauty of your soul and rediscover your essential nature, one of love and peace.

My soul is calling out for the simplicity of being.

Remembering that I am enough, here and now. As you are.

My goal is to remind us weekly of this beautiful truth with poems, quotes, art, and words. The picture above was taken in the mid-90s on a trip through the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. I was visiting Ashville, NC with the idea of moving there. Although I love the area, I ultimately choose to return to Fayetteville, AR and make a go of it. Staying in Fayetteville has been the hardest journey of my life. There is no particular reason or attraction for me here, but it reminds me of how much I still look to outside circumstances to feel good. Routinely, I ponder moving to somewhere “better” that I tell myself will help me feel better, enjoy life more, and thrive. While living in a place that nurtures our body and soul is wonderful, it also reinforces the dependence of externals to feel OK.

I don’t want this to sound like I hate Fayetteville, or that I’m forcing myself to stay in Fayetteville out of some spiritual ideal, although that might be true. The main reason I stay is that I don’t know that somewhere else is really better. Yes, it might have certain things I enjoy like a more progressive culture or closer access to national parks. Like the Taoist tale of the Farmer’s Son, we rarely know whether something is good or bad. Ultimately, life is more about how we respond to our circumstances than what circumstances we face. The meaning that we derive is far more important than what we are doing or where we are living. 

Once you move past good and bad you become less concerned about the outcome; you become more accepting of how things evolve naturally. ~ David Allan

Challenges help us grow and develop. This is the classic hero’s journey. I certainly don’t feel like a hero, but I am determined to make the best of my life, here and now, with a special focus on feeding my spirit.

I hope you join me on this adventure to feed our souls, learning to know and trust the beauty of our essential nature as love.

Blessings, Brad


26 thoughts on “Soulful Sunday 101

  1. i love this new series and your intent with it brad. i am also quite moved by your choice to stay and find the beauty and gifts of the now, regardless of where you are. to “be” with what is before you and choose to work with what you have there, rather than find a place that might “seem” to be better, but will simply be a reflection of where you are with yourself. a beautiful example of deepening into the love within.

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  2. A weekly reminder to reinforce the profound simplicity of just Being – I feel I can use this! I absolutely loved and agreed with your post. Who is to say what is bad, good or better for we carry our internal geography everywhere we go. I have been sitting with myself deeply to explore how much am I seeking out of a feeling of lack and how it just leads me back to square one with the same lack I felt to begin with. So I understand about working on the dependence on the external to feel good. It is sometimes getting tiring so I can really appreciate reminders coming my way 🙂

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