Soulful Sunday 103


Soulful Sunday 103

I believe we need time in nature to soothe our minds and nourish our body and spirit. In fact, we are nature, united with the web of life, but our culture has been built on the illusion of humans as separate from nature, May we reclaim our unity with nature as part of this big beautiful mysterious planet. I hope this poem can serve as a meditation on unity with nature.

May your week be full of peace and unity.

Peaceful Waterspeace, unity, poetry


like the waters of a lake

allow your breath to settle

each breath a taste of love

connected to the cosmos

breathing in love

breathing out peace

we return to our truth

claiming our oneness

nature as self

vast and mysterious

love binding all together

peace as awareness of unity

walking in harmony

life becomes a meditation

on peace and unity



40 thoughts on “Soulful Sunday 103

  1. May we humans once again exist in harmony with nature instead of against it. May we look upon the water as something as sacred as one’s religion or creed. May we stop to hear the wind as we would the latest top 40 song (not that I know what those are, lol). May we hear the heartbeat of the earth, and align our hearts accordingly.
    Lovely poem!

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