Awesome Stories 348

This week Awesome Stories brings you noble leadership, Brikawood, and love.

Noble LeadershipMargaret Wheatley, Awesome Stories

Having studied leadership widely, Margaret Wheatley offers her wisdom on what it takes to provide islands of sanity in these turbulent times. Read her compelling post about the nobility of leadership. A dedicated leader offers compassion, clarity, and vision to help us find our way during chaos and change. She also reminds us that a good leader helps us stay open to new information so that we can make good decisions. Margaret suggests noble leadership nurtures the best in our human capacity to be kind, creative, and generous. They create environments for us to blossom into these capacities to move forward with compassion and discernment. This relates to personal empowerment too. Please step into your fullness, shine the light of wisdom, and feed us with love.


Brikawood is a French company that has created a unique, home building kit made from wood blocks. The really fun and interesting part is you can build the homes yourself much like a lego kit, simply stacking and connecting the wood blocks. Plus the blocks are made from sustainably harvested Douglas wood and use no glues, VOCs, screws, or nails. They are built to European codes for sustainability resulting in a low cost, easy to build, energy efficient, and low environmental impact home. I’d love to see one of these homes in person.


Lax didn’t want to write anything he didn’t viscerally feel, that couldn’t be a kind of mantra in accord with the universe. ~ Steve Georgiou

I enjoyed this article by Steve Georgiou about a poet called Robert Lax. The book, called In the Beginning Was Love, chronicles the life of Robert Lax. It’s a rather long interview filled with a clear sense of appreciation for the depth of Robert Lax as a person and writer. What I most resonate with is Robert Lax’s focus on simplicity in his writing. He wanted to express the core of what he felt and believed. Steve explains how some people didn’t understand the deeper meaning of Lax’s poetry with simple verses like the sea, the sea, the sky, the sky. Lax was also known for repeating his verses and when asked about it, he proclaimed he was living and breathing the words. For me, writing haiku is very similar, I try to boil down my words to the essence of what I felt or experienced, often while in nature. Plus, I like the creative challenge of matching my feelings into the precise haiku format of 3 lines with 5,7, and 5 syllables. I also admire that Lax walked away from success to move to the Greek Isles where he spent much of his time in contemplation, listening for the voice of spirit. He became a sort of free spirit spiritual guru.

May we listen for the voice of love, inspiring and empowering others.  


20 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 348

  1. I had to go and google more about the brickawood piece you talked about here. That looks really intriguing. My sister recently bought a little camper, but wants to build some kind of tiny house. I’ll have to let her know about that. Thanks for your compilations. Very interesting picks this week! 🙂

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  2. Thanks, Brad. That house building technology seems to make a lot of sense. (Though I wonder how it works in cold places like S. Ontario?) Interesting piece on the nobility of leadership and I’ve passed it on to several friends.

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  3. I love Margaret’s take on leadership. There’s a reason why I refer to my workplace as Mordor… and it’s all rooted in absolutely deplorable “leadership.” Sigh…
    Now, I’m fascinated with the Berkawood houses, though! How cool.
    I agree with Lax about living and breathing the words. When I really get into the groove, the flow of writing, there is a rhythm with the words in my head. I don’t care if my beat is “correct” or whatever.
    Lovely post, Brad. Hugs.

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    • Uugh, sorry you work in Mordor. I understand. I’m looking for work and can’t find a company that doesn’t want to work the salespeople to the bone. Maybe we’ll have to revolt. 🙂 To inspired leaders and living our words. Thanks Teagan.


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