Awesome Stories 363

This week Awesome Stories brings you revolutionary love, interbeing, and warriors of the spirit.

Revolutionary Love

Valarie Kaur delivers a passionate plea for love in her recent TEDWomen Talk. I found her talk incredibly vulnerable and moving. Having experienced racial hate firsthand, Valarie faced many inner battles to emerge as a champion for love as a tool for justice. Her love has been forged in the fire of deep inner work. She defines “revolutionary love” as the choice to love to those who are different, those who oppose us, and ourselves. She believes we need to extend love in all three directions for it to be integrated and sustainable. Her story of how and why she became a love warrior is incredibly moving.

Interbeing Instead of Scale

We don’t create movements; if anything, they create us, arising like swellings in the ocean, the sum of millions of ripples that feed and excite each other. ~ Charles Eisenstein

I find Charles Eisenstein to be one of the most intriguing writers and deep thinkers of our time. In this article, he explores the idea of using interbeing (Thich Nhat Hanh’s word for connection) instead of scale for defining value. His main premise is that our culture relies too much on the idea of bigness, that if we aren’t working on something big and grand, then we won’t make a difference. He isn’t saying that we don’t have big problems that need planning and many people taking action, but that maybe the concept of scalability is a false foundation for global solutions. Maybe if we get scalability out of the way, love and connection can move us organically to create new innovative solutions. I also like that he has resisted the urge to scale up his own ideas and influence into building an organization for the same reasons. Maybe the world doesn’t need more organizations, but more individuals following their heart, doing what calls them moment-to-moment, where organic waves spread instead of being planned, photographed, and corrupted by the systems of our world.

Warriors of the SpiritAwesome Stories, compassion

I also like Margaret Wheatley’s idea of giving up on the idea of progress. If you look at the bigger picture, the US and world seem to be in a downward spiral. Instead of working so hard to fight the decline, maybe it’s time to accept that our world economies, environments, and social systems are falling apart. And according to Margaret and many others, technology not only won’t save us but is part of what is driving the decline. She suggests we would be best to accept the reality of decline, face it, and ask where can I make the most impact by doing humane acts of service. Margaret believes that there will be increasing need for person to person and local efforts to help each other. The big systems are going to fall apart so she’s calling for those who want to help as “warriors of the spirit” to be anchors of love and compassion is an increasingly challenging world.

This week’s stories aren’t as cheery as usual, but maybe that’s what we need. A dose of reality to wake us up to live more intentionally, doing what we can, where we are, to help those we can. Carry on my sweet readers.

Calling all warriors of the spirit! 




36 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 363

  1. Yes, I believe in minimalism (smaller instead of BIGGER and LARGER) and taking long moments to pay attention to the ordinary. The ordinary can show us all we need to know, including love, inclusiveness, and what’s ‘real,’ and what is not. Thanks for sharing these.

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  2. Reblogged this on Anything is Possible! and commented:
    Each of these stories from Brad are awesome. But the passionate words from Valarie Kaur about revolutionary love moved me to tears and hope. She shares her personal experiences as a grand daughter, mother, and activist about how to love others, love our opponents, and love ourselves.

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  3. Brad, what a lovely and meaningful message. Thanks for sharing this and I will try to stay open and loving to all. If we cannot do this, we will fail, we will lose our world. One person at a time, just show unconditional love and a strong faith to overcome and accept our differences​. These are tough women with strong voices!

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  4. Ah! I knew it! I left a long comment that I’m certain I won’t be able to recreate…and then my internet went wonky (which happens all too often…i really should complain!) But I had hopes that the comment got posted ☹ and it didn’t.
    Well, I know I said you are correct, Brad. A dose of reality isn’t a bad thing as long as we each strive to make the world around us a better place!
    Oh yeah…I remember writing that I have thought a lot about you this past week and wonder how your new venture is going…?
    Hope you are well and falling into a rhythm that is exciting and fulfilling. Much love, friend 💜

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    • Sorry I won’t see the full version Lorrie! I’m always happy to have you visit. I’m not optimistic about the direction of the country/ world and also will keep doing what I can personally to uplift others. The new job is a big adjustment and may not be the best fit for me. I’m considering options. Much love appreciated and returned!

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  5. Wonderful inspiring stories, Brad. What I like best about them is that they cost nothing and are, if you think about it, easy to do. All that’s required is a shift in thinking and perception… a choice. That’s so empowering. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  6. I listened to the video. I was in tears and was riveted. Bless Valerie for what she does! And bless all of us who walk and talk and breathe LOVE. This really moved me, Brad. I don’t feel so alone as I keep living LOVE. Thank you for this post! 🌸

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  7. I have yet to watch the video, but reading your words of wisdom Brad and that of Margaret Wheatley’s And viewing the world from my own perspective right now.. I think she has a point. May we all learn to become Warriors of Spirit who spread out love and light in helping others.. ❤

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