Moka Fever

Moka Fever

fever, Brad, muse

Muse Brad having a Jack Nicholson moment. πŸ™‚

Muse Brad is still recovering from his bout with Moka Madness.

After getting caught up in the excitement of the muse uprising and pub crawl, Muse Brad has become quite rebellious. Andrea from Harvesting Hecate suggested he just needs a little freedom and rebellion to get it out of this system. And LWBateman warned me that Moka’s cousin Mock E. Otto is more trouble than Moka. Moka is already more trouble than either of us can handle, so I’m enlisting the help of Discipline Dave to keep Muse Brad (MB) out of harm’s way and free from caffeine temptresses.

Currently, MB is confined toΒ bed rest with lots of time for catching up on reading and endless flights of fancy, as long as they are virtual and not running away from home again. Unfortunately, he’s in the throes of a major detox. MB’s been having sugar cravings, caffeine headaches, nightmares, and irritable muse syndrome. Mary continues to work her spells, incantations, and magic on Muse Brad.

Apparently, the healing of misfit muses is not myΒ forte. Never having been a parent, my parenting skills are a bit wonky. One minute I want to give him big hugs, the next I want to smack MB in the head. He’s been complaining nonstop since he returned home. He misses Moka, can’t live without her, and wants to play with his friends, Danger Dan and Temptress Tara. I know detox is hard, but he’s become a whiny brat. Can any parents in Museland offer tips and help? Clearly, Medusa Mary and I are in over our heads. We don’t do parenting and that seems to be what is needed. Or maybe it’s time to explore muse adoption services. Anyone in need of a slightly crazy, caffeine addicted, mischievous, and loving muse?

True confession.

I’ve always wanted to be a parent, especially the tender parts like spontaneous hugs, looks of adoration, and expressions of joy. I realize these precious moments come with the real world of parenting; dirty diapers, temper tantrums, acting out, and lots of messes to clean up. I guess it’s time to rise to the challenge of handling, managing, guiding, and parenting a mischievous muse who is acting much like a little child.

Until the next muse misadventure, write on!


16 thoughts on “Moka Fever

  1. Big BIG Smiles Brad.. and so pleased you have considered both sides of parenthood Brad.. I am afraid you may well turn blue, especially in their teen years lol.. Changing Diapers would seem preferable, believe me.. πŸ™‚ ❀
    loved it. πŸ™‚

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  2. I would adopt but it seems I can not keep my lazy muse working. Whenever I push her she boils over and shoves tons of stuff over to me. It is as if she says, “There! Take that and LEAVE ME ALONE!”. What is she doing that is so important that she can not do her job? So I have had to take the role of disciplinary and I currently have her walking a tight rope forcing her attention to the job at hand. So as you can see Brad, my hands are full with this lazy and unfocused muse of mine. Good Luck and remember that sometimes the best love we can give our kids is called “Tough Love” . And it is called that for a good reason.

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