Desert Soulfire Meets the Chimera

Desert Soulfire Meets the ChimeraChimera, short stories, fairaes

This series was inspired by Teagan at Teagansbooks. Both her endless creativity and ongoing vignettes have inspired me to try some new writing styles. I’m going to try an ongoing series with the misadventures of Muse Brad. And now his alter ego, Desert Soulfire, has surfaced with an itch to wander the fanciful faerie forests.

It all started on a rainy day, when MB was stuck inside healing from a bout with Moka Fever. Teagan messaged us about a faerie naming ceremony. To find your magic faerie name, read more on Teagan’s post called Come out to Play Thistledown. Being the rebel he is, Muse Brad wasn’t happy with his formal naming of Glimmer Dragonfly, nor the scary name Chimera Soulfire. So after another flight of fancy inspired by Moka, MB settled on Desert Soulfire. He resonates with the desert for its open vistas, solitude, and gorgeous sunsets.

However, in reading the definitions for chimera, MB and I agree, the name Chimera Soulfire fits him on so many levels. He is often viewed as feminine or androgynous due to his sensitive nature, and dangerous due to his chameleon ways. And much of what Muse Brad wants boils down to fanciful longings that are impossible dreams. On a related note, the song The Impossible DreamΒ was an early favorite with Muse Brad.

So the stage is set for our new character, Chimera Soulfire, as he wanders the desert in search of the lost desert faerie tribe Soul Swallowers.


21 thoughts on “Desert Soulfire Meets the Chimera

  1. Ha ha ha. I love how you spin off on other posts and ideas. So funny. I’m Stranglevine Frostbite, a name I prefer of Flora Twinkle, which my mercenary muse can’t tolerate without wanting to quit. I’m looking forward to Muse Brad’s… I mean Chimera Soulfire’s… adventures as he searches for the fairy Soul Swallowers. πŸ™‚

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  2. Wonderful that you are embracing your other half dear Brad.. and I am sure that Chimera Soulfire will bring us to many fanciful adventures fitting for any Being with Wings or otherwise.. :-D.. Teagan is a most excellent story teller and I have been lax of late in reading other than her Thistledown series, which totally grasped me by my own wings.. I have much to catch up on here within the desert of blog land..
    I look forward Brad to the series…. Hope you have an enjoyable week my friend

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    • Thanks Sue. I hope to fully embrace this part of myself and find new adventures to write and live. Yes, Teagan is a wonderful storyteller full of passion and creativity. May we fly on wings of love and creativity!


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