Awesome Stories 333

This week Awesome Stories brings you meat-free meat, better business, hemp cars, and meeting death.

Meat-free Meat 

Sunfed Foods wants to change the way we think about meat and maybe save the planet. Inventor Shama Sukul Lee saw the big environmental impact of meat as a protein source and decided to create a better meat. Sunfed meats aim to look, taste, and cook just like meat, but are derived from pea and other plant proteins. Besides being much better for the planet, they are healthier for people too with less fat, and more zinc, iron, and protein, all while using fewer resources. The chicken variety recently launched in New Zealand and immediately sold out in local stores. Kudos Shama!

Better Business

This article highlights King Arthur Flour and other companies who choose differents ways of doing business that value people as well as profits. King Arthur believes that treating their employees as family and offering as many benefits as possible is the right thing to do. They are part of a growing trend to form as a benefit corporation, which means its mission is to consider the needs of society and the environment, as well as profits. There are also certified B corporations, non-profits, and gift economy models for doing business. Thankfully people are beginning to question the current model of business that values profits above all else and find ways to treat people and planet better.

Hemp CarsRenew Sports Cars, Awesome Stories

I’ve written before about the virtues of hemp; it grows fast, is renewable and carbon neutral, uses less water, and can be used for an amazing variety of products including paper, food, clothing, plastics, and fuel. Now, Renew Sports Cars wants to build electric cars from hemp and become the world’s first carbon neutral car in the process. Hemp as a body material is lighter, stronger, more resilient, and carbon neutral. The Cannabis Car prototype is fun, fast, and modestly priced. I could see me driving one. Who wants to buy me one?   🙂

Meeting Death

We can’t avoid death, yet most of us like to pretend death doesn’t exist or is far removed from our lives. Frank Ostaseski reminds us that many people have a transformation when they face death at the end, but encourages us to sit down and face death now. Frank shows us 5 ways death can teach us to have a more meaningful and loving life.  He offers lessons about acceptance, receptivity, preciousness, rest, and uncertainty.

May your week be full of precious moments, love, and meaning. 


27 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 333

  1. Hello Brad,
    I really appreciated this week’s round up.
    The King Arthur flour article is such a good news story. I hope it catches on.
    The future is hopeful if we an incorporate hemp more into our lives, like the more ubiquitous bamboo, as a quick growing sustainable plant too.
    The piece on the 5 things about death…very beautiful thoughts there. Not taking sides for an outcome…very trusting and full of surrender to what ever will be will be.
    Thank you again.
    Wishing you a good week, whatever that means for you 💐💐

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    • Thank you Di. I’m with you on King Arthur and other businesses that value more than just profits. In fact, I’ve just read a great book called Sacred Economics that explores new ideas for evolving our relationship with money and economy. What we are currently doing isn’t sustainable. I appreciate you and your support.
      to good weeks, filled with love.

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      • You’re very welcome Brad,
        Yes, it’s beginning to become so that we cannot possibly expect the cheapest of goods at the expense of the welfare of others. Coffee and cacao beans are a big one for those dear farmers who struggle to keep us in the treats we have ‘become accustomed to.’ And I discovered there is a new initiative with Coconut oil in the Solomon Islands.
        It’s all about fairness and sustainability. Your book would be a very interesting read. Fuels the passion to create change I’m sure. Hence your post about it.
        A lovely wish for the new week too, Brad. Thank you, and same to you 💐✨✨

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  2. Thank you, THANK YOU for sharing that about Sunfed Meats. Husby always talks about how he MIGHT actually be a “vegetarian” if they invented meat that grew in a test tube and looked and tasted like it. This might be the answer and I want to try some. 🙂
    King Arthur Flour: no joke, I just literally made two loaves of bread with the stuff. Not only are they a great company, but their flour produces superior homemade bread and they have recipes on their website. So yeah, kudos to KAF!
    Hemp cars!? Now THAT is something I can really get behind. 🙂
    As for death, well, the November portion of my LIFE Project will be all about that. It sounds morbid, but it’s an ancient Buddhist principle and for me, the idea originated in Mexico’s Day of the Dead, something I began to personally celebrate over a decade ago. I’ll write lots about it when the time comes, but yeah…it’s good stuff – believe it or not. lol.
    I hope you’re having a good weekend! Sending hugs!

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    • Thanks Cynthia. I appreciate your enthusiasm and support. I’m glad to hear that the KAF products are as good as their mission. I can really get excited about hemp and electric cars both. Death, well, I understand the concept in facing our mortality so that we can make the most of our life. I look forward to reading your posts on death. 🙂


  3. Reblogged this on Anything is Possible! and commented:
    Here are 4 awesome stories about planet-friendly food, hemp cars, valuing people in business, and meeting death, brought to us by Brad, at “Writing to Freedom.” I’m looking forward to trying “Sunfed foods.” The more plant-based protein options we have, the better for our planet – especially for the animals.

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  4. Hey Brad! Hope all is well with you. I’ve been so absent, but you have entered my mind many times and I always send good energy! I never saw someone die before this summer…it changed me. I also never saw a hummingbird in person until this summer…that changed me too!
    Sending love ❤

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