Awesome Stories 1.73

Brad's Birthday

Me circa 1961

Happy Birthday to Me!

This is my 56th turn around the galaxy and my 73rd week of Awesome Stories. I would love to have a giant blogger’s party. Thanks for sharing in my journey. I appreciate each of you for being part of my life and blog. Blessings, Brad

Granny Going Strong at 103

oldest known Orca, Awesome Stories

This particular grandmother is a whale and she is considered the world’s oldest known living orca, and therefore called “Granny”. Granny was recently sited in Cowichan Bay off the coast of Washington state. According to scientists who have pictures of her dating back to the 1930s and 1940s, they can estimate her age by extrapolating from her known offspring. She is considered very healthy judging by the “peanut head” around her blow hole and a recent 800 mile trek with her great-grandchild  in their pod. Go Granny!

Photo by Capt. Simon Pidcock

Creative Language Learning

This is a wonderful idea. CNA language schools in Brazil have many students who want to learn to speak English, but can’t afford to go to the US to have an immersion experience. In turn, there are many elderly folks in the US living in retirement homes who crave more connection and conversation. FCB Brazil had the brilliant idea to put these two groups together. They speak and bond over the internet on private YouTube videos. Then the conversations are graded by their Brazilian teachers. From the video, it looks like everyone is having fun and benefiting. Now that’s creative marketing!

Pentatonix Rocks!

I love this acapella group. They keep re-inventing themselves with new and fun styles of performance. Enjoy.

The Conditioned

This is a touching story and video about a homeless poet named Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho who was living on the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Many of us fall into a life of habits, neglect or even despair. If we’re brave and lucky, we pull ourselves out or receive a helping hand. Raimundo received several helping hands. First he was befriended by strangers, then helped by Facebook fans, reunited with his lost family, and now about to have a book published! Nice testament to the power of kindness and our connected nature.

We Care Solar

What an awesome story! Dr. Laura Stachel was taken back while volunteering in Africa by how often the lives of mothers and their children were at risk due to We Care Solar, Awesome Storiesinadequate electricity. This contributes to Nigeria having some of the highest maternal death rates. Dr. Stachel was determined to find a solution and started brainstorming with her husband who was a solar educator. They came up with ideas for large solar systems for the hospitals and clinics, but their prototype solar kit, meant only for demonstration, turned out to be a hit. They have since perfected the design, supplied about 400 units and started a company called We Care Solar, Their “solar suitcases” come with 2 solar panels, cell phone charger, head lamp and a monitoring device. We Care Solar continues to work on larger solar projects to help improve maternal health care in developing countries too.

Seeds that Feed

This is a wonderful start up here in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Four friends were looking for something more meaningful to do with their lives and came up with the idea to feed people from food surpluses. Currently, almost 40% of food produced goes to waste. This is a huge problem in the US and world that thankfully more people and organizations are addressing. Seeds That Feed collect food surpluses and distribute it to those in need who often have poor access to healthy and fresh foods. To date, they have distributed over 26,000 pounds of fresh produce from local farmers in just two seasons.

Grace Hearth

This is another lovely food venture called Grace Hearth. Keri Keifer and Jocelyn Jackson turned their passion for food and cooking into a new way to nurture, celebrate and connect.

What are you doing to feed your body and soul? Celebrate life today for my birthday. The party’s at 6PM! XD



31 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 1.73

  1. Wonderful stories!! And…just be happy you don’t have to “hear” me sing Happy Birthday to You!!!! Wish you so many blessings…and by the way…I believe you get to have a Birthday Week!! So party on! Blessitude 🙂


  2. Like the language learning experience. Simultaneously novel and gratifying for all involved!

    So you’ve been around the galaxy! We are impressed. 🙂 May your subsequent turns yield what you seek and desire. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Brad!


    • Thanks for the birthday cheers Eric. I may have to be more precise with my language with you and Line watching the galaxy turns. I took poetic license! I’ve only gone ’round in my imagination. XD


  3. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Braaad!! Happy Birthday to you!! 🙂 🙂 Hope you are having, or perhaps had, a lovely lovely day!! 🙂 By the way what is a galaxy-turn?


  4. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m so happy for your wishes Line. Yes, I had a wonderful day, part quiet, part service, then small gathering with friends and soon off to bed. Thanks for being a dear and enthusiastic cyber friend. I made the phrase up, simply meaning that the earth has been orbiting the sun & the galaxy rotates, all during my 56 years. I’m not a science guy! XD


  5. Another portfolio of hits, Brad. I love the idea of seniors from the US teaching English to Brazilian youth over the Internet. Awesome. The one that really got me this time was the whale. It always amazes me to remember how long some animals and plants live, and to reflect upon all that they have seen. And you’re having a birthday plays right into this theme… Well-played, my friend. 🙂 I was struck by the fact that Nature can be so abstract in our minds. How great to know whales by name. To know their age. To know their coming and their going. I was just struck by the difference it might make to know more of the natural world with such intimacy.

    HAPPY GALAXY-TURN!? (Don’t let them razz you too much. Everyone would be doing it if they could…)



  6. Thanks for the laughs and clever repartee Michael. Hafiz shared his galaxy turning tips. XD. I appreciate your kudos and reflections. I believe we have a profound disconnect from nature. Naming, appreciating and remembering that nature supports us seems like a good plan. My feelings became more intimate when I started doing closeup photography and gardening. Both helped me appreciate the details and awe. Maybe the language tutoring is in our future. It could be fun. To galaxy turning!


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