Whimsical Witch

Whimsical WitchWhimsical Witch

where oh where is my broom

must I wait for my groom

to ride upon the clouds

casting whimsical shrouds


come my darling frog

hop on over to my log

I’ll offer a kiss or two

maybe a warlock or brew


hurry up with my ride

unless you like to be fried

and turned into a toad

to kick down the road


whimsical figures, poetryIn this post I took a fanciful ride with Belén Soto and her magical ceramic figures. Her fanciful witch stirred my imagination. Go see her fellow figurines, but beware of magic spells. XD

May we remember to play, laugh and allow our imagination to take flight!


16 thoughts on “Whimsical Witch

  1. Thanks a lot Brad!!! sorry the delay … I’m delighted to discover this wonderful gift.
    My whimsical witch is very happy with this unexpected trip to Arkansas, we both like the nice surprises 🙂
    You’re great.
    ( My use of your language is not the best …promise to improve it )


    • Wow. Thanks again Belén. You and your readers are amazing! I think the witch cast a spell. So many of your friends came to visit my humble blog and leave trails of “likes” in the sand. Thank you and your wonderful community. I’m still catching up with all the visitors. many blessings, Brad


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