Love Remembers

Love Remembers

Mom and Larry, Love Remembers

My mother and stepfather

do you remember the touch of my lips

do you remember how we met

do you know how much I love you

can you recall the joys we shared

now that your mind has slipped away

may you carry my love in your heart


I wrote this ode for my mother and all the people who love someone with Alzheimer’s or suffering memory loss. It’s challenging to love someone who doesn’t seem to be conscious of your relationship. I experienced this with Larry, my stepfather, as he lost touch with who we were, at least consciously.

Poets and spiritualists often write that the heart knows what the mind doesn’t. This touching video seems to demonstrate that idea. Watch Melvyn, a man losing his memory with the onset of Alzheimer’s, remember something important.

May love remember.


14 thoughts on “Love Remembers

  1. That is a lovely poem, Brad. Although there’s no Alzheimer’s in my family, I’ve seen it happening to others and I’m sorry that it’s happening to you, too. I hope your family will continue to keep their spirits up & persevere.


  2. I did hesitate to click on “like”… your post is quite emotional… ❤ my very best, lots of courage and serenity! cheers and friendly thoughts, Mélanie


  3. Thanks Mélanie, I appreciate your blessings and caring. The pain and challenge have mostly healed. Larry passed about 10 years ago. This was just a blessing sent out to him, mom and anyone touched by Alzheimer’s. Thank you. ❤


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