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Silly Salvation

Silly Salvation ~ we embrace and talk a moment to laugh and walk relief from the daily grind letting go of my fearful mind the stories don’t matter reduced to minor chatter thanks to a walk with thee my heart is full of glee ~ The gifts of friendship and laughter. This poem was inspired by…


Solar sunflower, Awesome Stories

Awesome Stories 198

This week Awesome Stories brings you agents of joy, empathy, creative solutions, solar wonders, kindness and treasures from trash. Agents of Joy I love this project. 70 different organizations from around the world have teamed up to help spread joy and laughter. Many of us have experienced the wonderful shift in attitude from a good…

Algae Powered Building

Good News 1.17

This week’s Good News will inspire and light you up! Crescent Dunes is set to become the largest concentrating solar power (CSP) project in the world with 110 MW of peak power. This gives it certain bragging rights and additional pressure due to large government funding. Crescent Dunes is also unique in using molten salt as…