You are Creative!

You are Creative!

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This is one of my paintings from Dvora’s class.

We tend to view creativity as something magical and special given to only the privileged few. In fact, I believe we are all creative. We simply express it in different ways. The main problem is with our limited definitions and perceptions of what it means to be creative.

Creativity can be seen as an innate drive to express what we think and feel inside.

We usually think of art and artists when creativity is mentioned. And beyond that, we imagine creativity as some magical skill that only a few people inherit. Thanks to an art teacher named Dvora who offered a wonderful painting class, I expanded my perception of both creativity and what I was capable of. The first key is to let go of expectations and simply allow ourselves to try new things.

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” ~ Mary Lou Cook

Dvora taught us to let go of expectations and simply do the process. In other words, just paint and forget about how it’s going to look. This helped us with permission to try, experiment and not worry about how it was going to look. I actually created some decent paintings, but even more importantly, I began to consider myself capable of painting and no longer prevented myself from trying art projects.

I did a google search and found Dvora’s website,, if you’d like to explore her art. These days she has two passions; painting and dancing. She describes her process as watching tango while sketching, filling up with tango, then putting music on, dancing and filling herself with tango. Only when she is full, does she paint. Her process sounds fun to me!

Even more importantly, Dvora taught us that everyone is creative in different ways. We might be creative in cooking, dressing, mothering, or even business. It was like a light bulb went off in my head, no longer did I have to try to be an “artist”. Instead, I could just be me and see the various ways that creativity expressed in my life. Over the years, I’ve found deeper and deeper layers of creativity too.

Cooking a meal using only what ingredients are on hand is creative. Learning to live simply is creative. Finding ways to move forward when we are filled with pain or fear is a creative act. There are so many wonderful ways you can be creative. Allow yourself to try new things, experiment, fail, play, and generally allow the expression of your inner desires. You are creative!

I also find that color, aroma, music and nature help put me in a more relaxed state of mind and being that supports creativity.

Make no mistake, you are creative and the world awaits your creative expressions!


54 thoughts on “You are Creative!

  1. I like your painting, it seems that with all the chaos around (life in other words) there is a definite focus on what is good/golden and is the focus of your life. 🙂 The way to state that “everyone is creative in different ways” is very true, and important to be able to find those areas in life where we are able to be creative and grow. Great post Brad, enjoy the first day of Fall ~

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    • Thanks Randall. I painted this about 20 years ago, but your perspective seems equally true now and then. May we find the loving focus through the chaos… 🙂 And creativity seems to help many of us with that focus and forward movement. Happy Autumn!

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  2. Painting is like cooking, like dancing, like writing, like living. Allowing oneself to feel and have emotions. Sometimes I feel totally void of emotions and in those moments I am not able to paint, to cook, to dance, to write nor to live. Painting is like breathing.

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  3. You know, I’ve addressed this issue over and over again with people who have said to me, “You are so creative, and I’m just not.” And I tell all of them yes you are and they’ll say, “But I can’t do the things you do.” Then I launch into to my standard and accurate diatribe! We are ALL made in the image of a creative God therefore we have to be creative!!! The only question is where does our creativity lie because we don’t all possess the same abilities. So then I’ll ask them, “well what interests you? What creative things have you tried before?” and so many of them respond with no and none! “How can you now what abilities you have until you try,” I’ll say. Oh, but what if I try something and I’m no good at it? is the standard response. Sadly those creative urges that might have had and surely did as a child were more than likely stifled and discouraged in a classroom and by teachers. When they ask me, and they do, how I knew how to do the things I do, I’ll tell them I didn’t. I’ve been doing creative things since I was a young child and each one has taught me something that I took on to the next one and the next one and so on. It is a PROCESS and you have to be willing to fail. And when you fail you don’t give up, you just keep trying until you finally find your niche! And with perseverance everyone will find their niche. Like Tiny said it takes courage to try and explore our avenues. BUT, EVERYONE IS CREATIVE IN SOME WAY!!!!!!!! 🙂 ❤

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  4. This reminds me of the expression: thinking outside the box.” Maybe we could use more creativity in our government/political system here in the US. I appreciate your open minded perspective, Brad.

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      • It wasn’t an intentional break. Some of it was definitely fun, but some of it definitely hasn’t been. I have a great deal going on over here in my little world and it doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon, so I don’t know if I’m necessarily ‘back.’ In fact, I’m most likely to be absent a while longer, as I’m having knee replacement surgery this coming Tuesday. I had planned to write about it, but I haven’t had the chance. Please keep me in your thoughts as I undergo this, I’m pretty freaked out about it all. Thanks my friend! 🙂

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      • I’m sorry to hear about your knee and surgery Julie. I’ll hold healing prayers for you and your knee. Thank goodness for modern medicine and our body’s amazing ability to heal. Then you’ll be back walking and biking. 🙂


  5. An excellent post. Yes, there are a zillion ways to express our innate creativity….and it is within each and every one of us…..We must get away from thinking of artists as ‘something other’ – this way of thinking is not good for society and I might add, not good for artists…who often feel isolated because of it! I have a great belief that the creative process, in all its many forms, is the key to emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Thank you – and hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend…janet. 🙂

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    • Thank you Janet. Interesting perspective about artists feeling isolated too. You sound very passionate about the creative process! Do you teach? I would love to see everyone encouraged to find their creativity early on in school and families. I’m grateful that I found the courage to step through those limits in my 30s. to fostering creativity!


      • Good morning, I have given workshops around the world for the past nearly forty years…..Tonight I will be giving a watercolour demonstration at a bit club in London….I chose to do workshops many yeas ago because they allow me to make my own schedules and give me plenty of time for my own work in between….I think teaching is so important. So glad to hear that you connected with your creativity early on…Have a lovely day Janet. 🙂

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  6. Love your expression and I agree with what Randall had to say too.. Art comes in many forms and all are expressive.. I love your choice of colours too.. And could do you a great colour reading too..
    Showing you that at the centre of your being is yellow which is focus, intelligence and it shows optimism , showing the love of knowledge and communication.. It can also mean impulsive, yet at times it can mean indecisive .. Yet there is a playful love of humour too to Yellow 🙂 Showing Sunny smiles and laughter.
    The Deep Blue splashes denote your serious side which you have surrounded your inner core with. ( the Yellow )
    You need structure in your life and like to be organised yet you are now allowing more of your intuitive side through as the blemish of green merges blue and yellow together now at the top of the yellow centre.. Showing me you have started to allow your heart to rule your head more as you follow your inner guidance more.
    I am loving that you are following your creative side more Brad.. The Deep Blue is also for me representative of healing.. Not just physically but on the mental plane..
    You have a strong sense of fair play, and are sincere in your undertakings and dislike of those who deceive.

    🙂 well that was quite a lot from a few blobs here and there LOL

    Love and Blessings Brad and of course without saying loved this little exercise of my own intuitive muscle..
    Hugs Sue

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  7. This is a wonderful message, Brad, that needs to be shared with the world. I’m so happy to see you do so in such a compelling and engaging manner! I was on the “other” side of the fence not too long ago – the one where I insisted that I was not creative. I was analytical, logical, and the furthest thing from an “artist”.

    But, as you’ve so aptly stated, it’s about creating. Creating anything. Giving our minds, bodies, and spirits the permission to explore new things, new ideas, and new practices. It is only in giving that permission that we are able to express our creativity. Some would even say that giving that permission itself is a creative endeavor!

    Granted, yes, I am in a more “traditionally” branded creative endeavor with words now. However, looking back on my hyper-focused days of striving to make a difference in writing software code, I can see – once I give myself permission – how creativity does indeed come in so many different shapes and forms. Thanks for the enlightening message, Brad, and best wishes for many exciting creative endeavors ahead of you!

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    • I love your insights Dave and am very glad that you found a creative groove for writing. I happen to find your writing very compelling. 🙂 I had similar blocks and limiting ideas about myself and creativity and didn’t find the way until Dvora’s class in my mid 30s. I wish we were all encouraged to find and express our creativity. It sounds like you have insights and encouragement that you could offer about creativity too.- Maybe you’ll write something? 🙂 I believe creativity being encouraged could help many of us on a personal and systemic level with schools, families, business and politics.
      to creative expressions used to uplift the world.

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  8. Really wonderful. I have a box full of art supplies here but yes, too many expectations of what the finished product should look like! 😉 Your painting is beautiful, and the process you outline here even more so. Hugs, Aleya

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  9. I love this post, Brad. There is something so very spiritual that happens during the creative process. Every single person is creative even if they don’t know it…at the very least (or most) they create their lives!! Hope you are well 💜

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  10. This is great we are changing lives one by one. As the WordPress Family connect, I would love for you to check out my blog &  leave a comment. (Share,Tweet, Broadcast & just letting someone know.)
    We want to change lives and make this internationally Positive.

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