Awesome Stories 287

This week Awesome Stories brings you the love of music, lunchmates, electric buses and great leadership.

The Lady in Number Six

The Lady in Number Six is a documentary about a remarkable woman, Alice Herz-Sommer. At 109, Alice was the oldest living survivor of the Holocaust. The remarkable part is how she still believed life was beautiful and kept finding ways to be joyful in her life despite many challenges. Alice attributes music to saving her life in the concentration camps where she gave over 100 concerts. Despite losing her husband, mother and son, she refused to give up or hate. Watch the video below to get a taste for her remarkable story.

Find a Lunchmate

Natalie Hampton decided to do something to help ease the loneliness of teens like what she experienced in 7th grade. She suffered from alienation, loneliness and bullying, in part due to sitting alone at lunch. She created a phone app called “Sit with Us” to help teens find other teens to sit and eat lunch. The clever part is that the requests are private and easy to do on their phone with the app removing the public rejection of trying to find lunchmates. Natalie is asking teens to use the app to fight bullying too. When the cool kids stand up to bullying, it has a bigger effect at schools. Kudos to Natalie.

Proterra Electric Buseselectric buses, Awesome Stories

Proterra aims to transform public transportation with safer, more reliable zero-emission vehicles. Their Proterra Catalyst® zero-emission, battery-electric bus is built on a modular frame to allow for multiple configurations to meet changing needs. Their E2 series bus can provide an amazing 350-mile range with high energy efficiency and the low operating costs, while the carbon fiber bodies provide for long life and impact resistance. Sounds like a winner to me. Go electric!

Great Leadership

Simon Sinek shares some great ideas about how great leaders inspire action. Simon suggests that we go deeper than pitching products, services and ideas. Great leaders stir action by asking good questions and discovering people’s motivations, passions, needs and desires. He talks about why Steve Jobs was able to create such an avid fan base with Apple. Simon suggests that having a great story, passion or why is the difference between average companies and great companies like Apple. Yes, they have good products, but the real difference is the vision and passion behind the Apple brand. Watch his TED Talk to learn more about great leadership.

Find your “why (passion) and your life will shift. 

Blessings, Brad



25 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 287

  1. Love the video of Ms. Sommer, too, Brad! What a great story, to see the joy on her face, and her ability to play the piano so well at 109. It is amazing and inspiring! Thank you for sharing that.


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  2. A woman like Alice is there to guide and inspire us all….she clearly has an indomitable spirit. We have buses like this in London and they really are lovely….no sound at all when idling….An interesting post all round..thank you. Janet:)

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  3. What a joy was Alice to listen too both within her beautiful music and her philosophy of life.. Keeping Joy in our hearts should be priority for us all.. ❤ thank you Brad for this share unfortunately I am on a mission and time is pressing.. LOVE and Blessings to you my friend
    Sue ❤


  4. As always, I am inspired and touched in equal measure. The lady in the documentary is extraordinary, and I think the lunchmate app is just brilliant – so clever, and sensitive, genuinely of the times and changing lives in a very direct way. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Love and gratitude, Harula xxx

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