Awesome Stories 282

This week Awesome Stories brings you work for the homeless, living your dreams, hi-tech farming, and not taking offense.

Hi-Tech FarmingAeroFarms, Awesome Stories

The world’s largest vertical farm just opened in Newark, New Jersey with plans to change the way we grow our food. AeroFarms hi-tech approach to farming grows about 70 times more food per acre than traditional methods. The crops are grown indoors in a refurbished factory using LED lights, stacked trays of seedlings, minimal water, no chemicals and lots of computers to automate all the systems. It sounds both inspiring and a little unsettling to think the crops will be grown with no soil or sunlight. I wonder if the crops grown this way will have the same nutrients and subtle qualities that science might not understand. And yet, I’m all for progress and farming that uses less land, water and chemicals. What do you think?

Work for the Homeless

Richard Berry, the Mayor of Albuquerque, created a program called “A Better Way” that might just help eliminate homelessness and panhandling. After spending time talking to homeless people around the city, he realized that most homeless people actually want to work, but just don’t know what to do. He decided to bring the work to them. A city van drives around the city, picking up homeless people and offering them day work to help beautify the city. People are paid $9 hour, given lunch, and even a place to stay if they need it. In its first year, The Better Way program has given out 932 jobs clearing 69,601 pounds of litter and weeds around the city. And now, leaders from around the country are asking for help setting up similar programs in their cities.

Living your Dreams

According to Barbara Sher, isolation, not attitude, is the killer of dreams. I love her reminder that we don’t need a positive attitude, just people to help us. Barbara suggests that we find out what we love, know our limits and get help overcoming them. She suggests having idea parties or success teams to explore what we love, our perceived limits, people who help us see beyond our viewpoint and the willingness to try new things. In the group, we share both our dreams and our obstacles. People love to help and can bring their experience, contacts and resources to our aid. Maybe it’s time to start a success team!

Not Being Offended

The fine art of not being offended is one of the skills for being a practical mystic. – Shemi Prinzivalli

This article is a great reminder to not take things personally. The author, Shemsi Prinzivalli, suggests that not being offended by what people say and do might be the magic door to happiness and a life of contentment. She reminds us that we all live life through our own filter of beliefs, feelings, thoughts and experiences.This means that what others say and do has very little to do with us. Getting offended is simply a miscommunication, and acting-out comes from suffering. If we don’t allow ourselves to be offended, it allows space for real empathy and connection to grow.

May we practice not being offended, bringing more peace and compassion to the world. 


39 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 282

  1. Good feel to today’s stories, Brad! The high-tech farming reminds me of “The Land” attraction at Epcot in Disney World! Also love the last story…what a great place to start peace…not being offended by anything! Have a super weekend ❤

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  2. Wayne Dyer often talked about not being offended. That was awesome.
    And…isolation. That is a novel idea. And I totally agree. If we’re not surrounding ourselves with like-minded people to help us along, it’s so hard to find the internal, intrinsic motivation to keep going. Oh, how I know.
    Hope you’re well!

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  3. Thanks for these stories, Brad. I would support healthy, organic high tech methods that help every family who has a backyard to grow their own farm and supply their vegetable, root crops, greens and fruit/berry needs for much of the year. If they want to.

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  4. 21 August 2016

    I am reminded here Brad with your article on the vertical farming as those who envision the future that one day perhaps all our crops will be grown this way as the future predictions to our climate change emerge that may well need us to look into these production methods of farming under domes..

    And what a wonderful project for the homeless.. In The Better Way project to make the city environment cleaner and greener.. This brings benefits to both parties.. Helping maintain their environment while bringing that feeling of worthiness and respect along with the chance of having a roof over your head and some cash in your pocket to those who have temporary found themselves lost on their roads in life..

    The video of Barbara’s I have yet to watch Brad. But the bottom link I fully appreciate.. How many of us at one time or another have taken offence, when it was not perhaps intended.. Its all about our own mind-set and our perceptions .. Loved your words here ”
    Getting offended is simply a miscommunication, and acting-out comes from suffering.”

    So true Brad..
    Love your Awesomeness this morning..
    Have a wonderful Sunday my friend
    Sue ❤

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  5. I was really drawn to the story by Shemsi Prinzivalli. In a society where opinions are aplenty, it is inevitable that differing opinions will clash given time. It’s not the difference of opinion itself, but rather how we react to them that will affect us and the people around us the most. I really enjoyed the line in the post where the author indicates that every moment we are offended is an opportunity for us to extend kindness to someone who may be suffering. It’s such a positive outlook on a situation traditionally viewed as negative or confrontational. Thus is psychology, I suppose. Being the study of the soul, one is inherently in search of peace, contentment, and happiness. And this post goes a long way toward fostering that mentality. Thank you for sharing, Brad 🙂

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    • Hi Dave. Thanks for your kind words and thoughtful reflections. I aspire to be kind and open, even when I disagree. The key is remembering to pause, and speak consciously, or just listen, instead of the automatic response/ reaction that can come from emotional triggers. I’m practicing for my masters in psychology! to soulful communication. 🙂

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  6. Another great selection of stoires…I’m with you wondering if the nutrients will be the same with this growing technique, but applaud the concept. Loved the article on the homeless…simple yet powerful concept…as always, thanks for sharing Brad!

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  7. Wonderful stories! I share a similar question as yours about the hi-tech farming results!Maybe we will find out later. I just hope that could reduce the price of food – it’s incredible how fresh food could be so expensive sometimes! I love the story of the homeless and works provided for them! Thank you for sharing these amazing stories 🙂

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  8. I always feel so uplifted by reading these regular installments reminding us of all the good that is happening in the world. That project to give work to the homeless, with pay and food, is just brilliant. As for the vertical farming I’m open, I would need to find out more before offering an opinion…definitely worth exploring though, for sure. Thanks for the positivity and hope. Blessings, Harula xxx

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