Awesome Stories 262

This week Awesome Stories brings you passionate living, hidden galaxies, embracing uncertainty and healthy relationships.

Merging Passion and Purpose

Linda Cruse has certainly given her passions full expression in her life. After an early detour to support her family, Linda merged her passions for adventure and disaster relief to help communities survive and thrive. She has impacted 1000s with her workshops, books and consulting, helping communities stand up with a “Hand Up, Not Hand Out” approach. Linda specializes in engaging the private sector to help communities. Prince Charles taught her to refuse them if they offer money… ask for their heart, their soul and their brain – get their skills.

Hidden Galaxieshidden galaxies, Awesome Stories

Researchers recently found hundreds of surprise galaxies behind the Milky Way. Thanks to new radio telescope equipment that can amplify and scan the night skies with far greater accuracy, they were able to focus their search behind the light and distortion of the Milky Way. They also note that something is pulling our galaxy at 14 million miles an hour, much faster than the expansion of the universe. So this “Great Attractor” may be connected to the massive number of galaxies behind the Milky Way. The Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder observatory came online in 2012 and may aid in this mysterious hunt to “go where no man has gone before” in the famous words of Star Trek. 🙂

Embracing Uncertainty

Our minds crave closure, but when we latch onto it prematurely we miss beautiful and important moments along the way. Jamie Holmes

This is a great book about sparking curiosity in children by learning to embrace uncertainty. By embracing the unknown, we can move beyond our fixed ideas and preconceptions to experience new beautiful layers to life. We have to learn to embrace the discomfort and confusion that come with uncertainty. I have a friend who is an excellent model of living with open curiosity. He is like a child in his joyful fascination with exploring the world around him. Jamie Holmes explores this process in detail in his book Nonsense: The Power of Not Knowing.

Relationships for Health and Happiness

This TED Talk offers lessons from the longest-term study of adult life. The Harvard Study of Adult Development tracked 724 men for 75 years asking questions and tracking their work, health, happiness, relationships and lives. Despite tracking two distinct groups of men (Boston college students versus men from poor backgrounds), the results are strikingly similar. The biggest factor in determining health and happiness is relationships. Going further, social connections are good for us, while loneliness kills. Satisfying relationships lead to not only better physical health, but better mental health and well-being.

May your relationships nurture your body, mind and soul. Blessings, Brad 


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