Awesome Stories 261

This week Awesome Stories brings you fatherly love, moving beyond pain, a beautiful castle, granting wishes and bathrooms for the homeless.

Daddy Dubsmash!

This dad clearly loves his wife, baby and lip synching! When Priscilla went back to work, she had a hard time being away from their new son, Jack. Eric decided to help keep Priscilla in the family loop by creating videos of his daily interactions with Jack dubbed with pop songs that he lip synchs. Eric clearly has a talent and love for his wife and child. Watch the fun and heart-warming result.

Moving Beyond Pain

Rene Brown has been a great teacher for me and many others about the power of vulnerability to open our hearts and find connection in life. Her most recent book, Rising Strong, explores ways to move beyond pain to compassion and better choices. I’ve certainly had many esteem issues to face in my life and look forward to reading her book. According to this article, Rene suggests using attention and curiousity to explore our stories in search of ways to create more empowering and loving choices. And practicing new habits that can become evolutionary in their impact on our lives. To a loving revolution!

Amazing CastleCastello di Sammazzano, Awesome Stories

This intriguing castle in the Tuscan hills of Northern Italy needs a loving and rich owner. Check out the amazing variety of colors and beautiful Moorish designs. Sadly, the 400-year-old Castello di Sammezzano has been abandoned for over 20 years, left to decay and theft. It’s had an interesting life from the time of construction in 1605, to Moorish conversion, then German invasion, a few short-lived tenants and lately one failed investor after another. The Comitato FPXA nonprofit is keeping the vigil in hopes of protecting the gorgeous castle until it finds a new owner.

Bathrooms for the Homeless

Lava Mae is a clever approach to providing bathrooms for the homeless. In many cities like San Francisco where Lava Mae started, there is a sever lack of places to take a shower or use a bathroom. Doniece Sandoval was motivated to provide bathrooms as a way to offer dignity for the local homeless population. Noticing the buses being retired from the local school district, Doniece was inspired to create mobile bathrooms in the buses and move them around the city. Currently, there are two buses providing about 200 showers a week to locals, with plans for four buses in 2016. Even better, Doniece Sandoval is sharing the model with organizations around the country who want to help the homeless.

Chris Makes a WishMake a Wish, Awesome Stories

The backstory for this foundation is inspiring. Two young kids, their dying wishes, and the people they inspired helped create the idea for the Make a Wish Foundation. Chris was a young boy with leukemia who had a yearning to be a police officer and catch bad guys. The local Department of Public Safety officers wanted to help and rallied around to create a uniform and experience for young Chris. Chris’s joy inspired the men to start a foundation to grant wishes for dying children. They collected money that led to granting the first “official wish” to the more widely know story of Frank “Bopsy” Salazar and his wish to be a fireman. From those humble beginnings in 1980, the foundation has helped over 250,000 children.

May we move beyond pain with beauty and kindness. 


20 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 261

  1. These kinds of posts inspire me to want to do more and be more in my life – a good thing! That dad made me smile, and that last part about Make a Wish? It tells me we can all make an impact. Thank you!

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  2. Oh such great ones this week. I enjoyed all of them. But I hate that that Spanish castle has sat abandoned like that for so long. However, with that highly stylized moorish interior it doesn’t surprise me. I so hope that someone who appreciates that kind of architecture will eventually buy it and restore it. Love and hugs, N 🙂 ❤

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