Awesome Stories 200

This is the 100th week of Awesome Stories!

They were initially called Good News, but I changed the name to be more inclusive. Thanks for your continued support and readership! I hope these stories inspire you to live richer, fuller lives, especially as we move into the holidays and new year. This week Awesome Stories brings you kindness, real leadership, inspired singing, empowered land use, innovation and magic photos.

Kindness Boomerangs

This video brings me to tears every time. I love the video for showing how much simple acts of kindness can impact us and spread waves of good throughout our day or community. Please consider starting your own kindness boomerang!

Local Food Takes Over Bostonlocal food, Boston, Awesome Stories

Boston is home to a number of innovative approaches to creating a local food economy. We have started on a similar path here in Fayetteville Arkansas with various food sharing programs. Residents of Boston’s poorest neighborhoods decided to grow their own food instead of looking to big business to solve the lack of access. What started as simply garden lots has grown into a growing network of food enterprises; with many growers, greenhouses, distribution channels, restaurants, composting and waste management. All from a few concerned citizens who wanted better access to fresh foods. Awesome!

Real Leadership for Change

This story sent chills down my spine. Wayne Mueller writes about what it takes to create real change. His story is about Walter Murray’s friend Marcus who had the presence and conviction to embody his values in a tough situation. Wayne believes real change will only come from people who seek, find and nourish the best of who they are. By living from this deep connection, they in turn inspire and change others. For me, it’s a tale of struggle, courage and presence. See what chords strike you.


I’ve always been touched by this song and love finding new versions to enjoy. Sometimes I even sing along. 🙂 Maybe it will inspire you too!

Bright Lights in India

This story is about a group of young men who decided to use their talents to help their country. After enjoying material success, they felt called to serve the large population in India without access to grid energy. Gyanesh Pandey and Ratnesh Yadavt set out to create cost and energy efficient power for the rural population in Bihar, India. They found ways to use rice husks in a gasifier to create local, small scale power units. Their main innovation is the creative use and integration of current technologies to be more efficient. They’ve also added side businesses that help them be more profitable and helpful to their customers. Husk Power has created 84 gasification units helping over 200,000 people so far. Here are other groups working to address the 1.4 Billion people worldwide without access to grid energy.

Magic Forest PhotosElido Turco, Awesome Stories

I hope these stories bring some magic, smiles and love to your heart.

Happy Holidays! 🙂



36 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 200

    • Good reminder Robert. I’ll practice spreading some smiles when I’m out and about today. To spreading more kindness and smiles, especially during the holidays for those that might need a boost.
      blessings, Brad


    • Thank you Brad…I so appreciate your loving kindness. We have moved out of the acute chaos stage of all of this…but now it is assessment time. The Momma has had a tough year and I am shocked at the rapid decline…it is hard to accept the inevitable. Many blessings Brad!

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  1. Fantastic Brad.. And that Boomerang for Kindness.. I think you throw out in every post.. the video looks to be a good one but for some reason the internet is running slower and the loading of it is taking ages in spasms LOL.. So saved to watch later… 🙂
    I hope you have had a great weekend..
    Blessings Sue

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  2. What a fabulous achievement, Brad! You fill such a magnificent niche, adding positivity, hope, and inspiration each and every week (a hundred times — YAY!) Your blog is the perfect place to recharge each weekend (with your poetry sparklers bonuses in between 😉 ). Thanks for ALL that you do to make our world an even kinder more compassionate place!! Love, LL

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    • Thank you Shauna. You are a wonderful encourager. I’m very blessed to have you and others who enjoy and support my writing. I’m delighted that you find value and refreshment in my stories. It has been a fun adventure sharing these stories. Beyond spreading kindness, the real gift has been the bonding with friends like you. Thank you very much! 🙂

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  3. YAY! I love the Life Vest video and it of course relates to Ripples. We should do one Ripples-style with the solutionary method, effective altruism, capacity building etc. To illustrate in a fun engaging way what our online educational center seeks to accomplish. What an inspiration, Brad! Thank you. I’m sharing this post with others.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hey Amanda, Sounds like a good idea. I’ve seen several ripples style posts lately. You must be in the flow. 🙂 I appreciate your passion for sustainability, teaching and helping. Thanks for the share too. 🙂


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