Fields of Sunshine

Fields of Sunshine ~ fields of wildflowers filled with bright yellow blossoms walking on sunshine ~ I just discovered this wetland prairie called Wilson Springs Preserve near my place of work. I’ve been walking out there during my lunch breaks. I’m very grateful that this pocket of prairie has been preserved for future generations to…

Colorful Canyons

Colorful Canyons ~ wildflowers explode canyons alive with color super bloom display ~ This image warms my heart and brings a smile to my being. It’s a beautiful image captured by Linda Wright at Walker Canyon, California this spring during the unusually colorful spring flower display called a super bloom. A super bloom is a…

Blue Bonnet Bliss

Blue Bonnet Bliss ~ fields of bluebonnets blossoms dancing in the sun acres of blue bliss  ~ I love these images from my friend Gayle with contrasting layers of color; bluebonnets, red indian paintbrush, green grass, yellow flowers, brown fields, and blue skies. Layers of goodness to warm my heart. One day, I’m going to…

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Sweet Surprises

Sweet Surprises ~ nature’s beauty glows delicate purple flowers reaching to my heart ~ I love flowers of all shapes, sizes, and colors. And finding beautiful flowers like these purple ones popping up among the dead leaves during spring’s awakening is a particularly nice surprise. These delicate purple flowers were blooming last week on my hike…

Wildflower Wonders

Wildflower Wonders ~ alive with color nature’s beauty on display wildflower wonders ~ Here’s another gem of a photo from my friend Gayle. I’m grateful that we’ve kept in touch over the years and that she is so gracious about sharing her photography. Thank you Gayle!

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Frolicking Fields

Frolicking Fields ~ blankets of color flowers dancing in the field frolicking we go ~ I rode past this field on my bike ride this past Sunday. The beautiful carpet of wildflowers was glowing with a multitude of colors. I wanted to go frolic in the field but it was private property, so I took…

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Awesome Stories 315

This week Awesome Stories brings you super blooms, passion, poetry, and the art of blessing. Super Bloom The deserts in the southwest of the country are exploding in wildflowers with what is called a super bloom. The area has received lots of rain this year and seeds that have lain dormant for years are coming…

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Bluebonnet Bliss

Bluebonnet Bliss ~ bluebonnets beckon lush prairies and rolling hills filled with blue bliss ~ #NoPoWriMo day 11 This beautiful image was taken by my friend Gayle from high school days. We’ve both developed a passion for photography, especially flowers. I would love to roll around in those lush prairies. How about you?