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Ripples in Time

Ripples in Time ~ the autumn show has begun eddies of wind playing blankets of leaves falling in bright swirls of color and layers of texture dancing across the water creating layers of love and ripples in time ~ May the beauty of autumn send ripples of love dancing across your heart.     

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Vibrant Waters

Vibrant Waters ~ lush summer greens dazzling to the eyes washing away the cobwebs of mental dross vibrant energies to soothe our souls filling us with peace to share and grow may the blessings of healing waters flow ~ The greens are so vibrant right now that they overwhelm my senses and camera. 🙂 Thankfully, we’ve…

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Sweet Waters

Sweet Waters ~ crystal clear waters shining with heaven’s beauty sweet waters flowing ~ I finally got out to hike a short hike around a nearby lake called Lake Fayetteville. It’s a great place in town to hike, bike, walk, kayak, fish or picnic. I’m grateful for this local gem just a few miles away…

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Sweet Waters

Sweet Waters ~ rain pours from the sky sweet waters flood the land rivers sing with joy ~ After a long hot and dry spell, clouds swelled, the skies opened and rain poured over our area yesterday. Thankfully, the rivers are flowing, the flowers are perky and the grass is green again. It’s amazing how…

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Dancing Waters

Dancing Waters ~ beams of sparkling sunlight dancing on the shimmering lake messengers of cosmic light come to share their song of joy each moment a precious gift wake up and rejoice this day a festival of dancing light come to play upon our hearts these sweet dancing waters ~ Here’s a quick video which…

Siloam Springs Water Park

Water Park Play

Water Park Play I’ve been talking about wanting to play and finally did on Saturday. I spent the day at a new water park in Siloam Springs, Arkansas called both Siloam Springs Kayak Park and Fishers Ford Whitewater Park. This city park was designed to be a fun place for families, kids and water enthusiasts…

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Rushing Rivers

Rushing Rivers fast flowing currents mind and body tossed about heart knows to let go ~ fear dragging me down gasping for air I gulp and surrender to love ~ Our normally meandering creeks have turned into roaring rivers. We’ve already had 7″ of rain for May when we usually have about 3.2″ for the…