The Touch of Grace

The Touch of Grace ~ a cool breeze blows tickling my face and hands the wind a gentle caress like the touch of a lover she soothes my body softening the rough edges a moment of stillness brings peace and gratitude thank you sweet grace ~ Since I haven’t been out hiking much lately, I…

Chimera Sunset

Desert Chimera

Desert Chimera ~ clouds of wind and rain desert storms marching onward ¬†chimera searching ~ I haven’t had the time or focus to get back to my Chimera adventures so I wanted to write this short haiku to hold the space. May we find beauty, love, and adventure wherever we are. Blessings, Brad

Sunset, storms, tornado, poetry

Storm Watch

Storm Watch ~ sunset glowing clouds building winds howling storms brewing news watching nerves twitching life in tornado alley ~ I am very grateful that yet again we had a miss on a tornado moving through the region. NW Arkansas is just east of what is referred to as “tornado alley” for the high number…

night lights, poetry, haiku

Night Lights

Night Lights ~ sunset brings delight city lights enhance the show nightlife¬†has begun ~ I usually prefer photos of nature only, but this scene caught my attention while biking home recently. I decided to surrender to the city life such as it is in our quaint “city” of 70,000. May your nights be filled with…

Arizona Beauty, poetry

Arizona Beauty

Arizona Beauty ~ the sky on fire clouds swirling colors colliding the sun sets awe returns ~ This is an absolutely gorgeous photo from David A. Dawson photography. You might want to explore his Facebook page. I’ve seen some wonderful sunsets, including in the Southwest US, but nothing this spectacular.