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Merry Mashup

Merry Mashup ~ a tangle of glories wrapped in silly stories you better be nice Santa knows your vice ~ tots wrangling for toys glittering dolls for boys construction sets for girls the genders have twirls ~ a time for inclusion beyond the illusion underneath the stories masks and glories ~ let the Christmas spirit…

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Desert Soulfire Meets the Chimera

Desert Soulfire Meets the Chimera This series was inspired by Teagan at Teagansbooks. Both her endless creativity and ongoing vignettes have inspired me to try some new writing styles. I’m going to try an ongoing series with the misadventures of Muse Brad. And now his alter ego, Desert Soulfire, has surfaced with an itch to…

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Shadows ~ daytime dreams fading shadows overtake the light commencement of night ~ turn toward your soul seek the inner visions’ light whispers from the muse        

National Poetry Month

Soul Whispers

Soul Whispers  ~ whispers from the void our soul is always available no matter the hour or how little we heed the call our soul waits patiently quietly listening, nudging and calling when we are ready, the gate opens filling us with the peace of God and the wisdom of our heart, don’t wait, answer…

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Awesome Stories 310

This week Awesome Stories brings you mushroom remedies, soul truths, BloomBars, and sacred life. Mushroom Remedies If Paul Stamets has his way, we might not need Monsanto, GMOs, or pesticides. He’s created several natural remedies using mushroom spores in proprietary formulas to address environmental problems like pest control, toxic cleanup, and more. After years of testing, Paul…

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Lightness of Being

Lightness of Being ~ ~                                                                              © e.marschan-hayes imagery my spirit wakens the lightness of being flows art…

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Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine ~ after the long dark winter it’s time to embrace the light no more hiding in shadows no more hesitating in doubt the quiet time has served your gifts are calling and the world is ready let go of your fears turn toward the light let’s rise and shine ~ P.S. I…

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The Dance of Love

The Dance of Love  your kiss the caress of honey melting my hard edges your gaze the touch of angels soothing my soul ~ your presence lingers shining in my heart radiant as a full moon circling and entwined ~ in a sacred dance bodies as holy temple we worship the divine burning the dross…

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Echoes of Love

Echoes of Love your words, distilled light soothing my fearful mind your touch, liquid love healing my weary body your kindness, divine well filling my empty vessel your footprints, eternal treasures leaving echoes of love in my soul walk on by… ~ This post is to remind me of the changing nature of life and…