The Corona Blues

The Corona Blues ~ I’ve got the Corona Blues shanghaied from food to sanitizing crews each day is all work and no flow shoppers, shoppers, everywhere I go clean, disinfect, and spray at Walmart stores each day spray, wipe, and dry never mind the chemical high shuffle, bend, and repeat germs and viruses we must…

romance, poetry

Under a Blushing Moon

Under a Blushing Moon ~ spring’s arrival boldly on display a carnival of color and procreation nubile shoots glowing with vitality naked petals quivering in readiness pollen poised for loving union petals dancing and surging pollinators feasting hungrily nature’s Eros fully exposed under a blushing moon ~ This is my whimsical take on writing a…

poetry, spring

Spring Fever

Spring Fever ~ great balls of satire fields filled with dirt and mire the flowers such a sorry sight weary to all but a sprite trees laden with mushy buds from spring rain and floods may the farce be with you calling spring fever to ensue ~

Thanksgiving, satire

Turkey Tribute

Turkey Tribute ~ turkeys falling like gifts from the sky as American as apple pie giving thanks is why we celebrate this day marking a day to get out of our own way fatten the birds to stuff and dress look out kitchen here comes the mess a bountiful meal with potatoes, cranberry, and pie…

peace, love, oneness, poetry

Rueful Ruminations

Rueful Ruminations Roses are red my heart is full of dread violets are blue just like the view ~ not to sing the blues but have you seen the news wars, violence, greed and hate abound this seems to be our common ground ~ more violence, planning and hysteria this new war in Syria because…