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Heart Strings

Heart Strings ~ lush rose petals glow garden bounty in full bloom tugging on my heart ~ This is a photo from the gardens I planted at the last home I owned. Since I sold that house, I haven’t had gardens of my own to grow and nurture. Sometimes I’ve helped tend my landlord’s gardens,…

Soul Spaces 114 – My Secret Garden

Soul Spaces 114 – My Secret Garden Secret Garden ~ a quiet whisper from past to present roses long faded memories alive with the scents, sounds, and sights flowers buzzing with activity birds nesting in branches trees reaching for the sky all planted with great care the bond remains rooted despite the pain of loss…

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Soulful Sunday 106 – Aroma

This week Soulful Sunday explores the power of aroma. Soul Scents ~ sweet aromas rise awakening the senses the sent of heaven ~ Aromas have the power to transform our emotional and energetic state. In a fun word association, miracles and gifts are called heaven sent while certain aromas are considered heavenly scents. Smell is…

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Soulful Sunday 105 – Ode to a Rose

Ode to a Rose ~ love at first sight a garden delight colors to warm the heart thorns to give a start ~ inhale their smell and risk a magic spell aromas to feed the soul when life takes its toll ~ simple garden graces from ordinary places the beauty of god in plant and…

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A Season of Love

A Season of Love ~ lush petals dripping awakening hungry senses a convoy of enticing aromas wafting through my body the goddess of romance beckons with trepidation, I heed the siren call venturing forth in a season of love ~ Valentine’s Day is the traditional day to celebrate love in the US. Even being single, I…

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Love Beads

Love Beads ~ waterdrops caress soft petals oozing with life water becomes love ~ a rose filled with love sensual petals glowing my heart dreams of you  

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Awesome Stories 306 – Valentine’s Edition

This week Awesome Stories brings you love stories, self-love, love without labels, and roses. Roses Roses represent love on so many levels, bridging gaps in age, gender, race, history, and religion. Maybe we should create a National Rose Day. 🙂 They have a rich history of symbolism, representing everything from purity to love, passion, fertility, death,…

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Rose of My Eye

Rose of My Eye your beauty inspires pink petals enthrall my eyes blooming with pure love ~ whispers to my heart awaken and share your love divine aroma  

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Ode to Roses

Ode to Roses aroma of the gods, oozing passion wafting through my mind and body yearning to be whole again free of mind, free of limits, free of fear return home to love on my sweet aroma … muse brad ` This poem was previously on my musings page from before I was routinely writing poetry. It was actually the first…

Ode to Roses

Ode to Roses

Ode to Roses This was my first poetry attempt as an adult. This is actually the 3rd version. The first is gone with the wind. The second was recently on my musings page and now reborn here to continue my joy of writing and sharing poetry. I originally wrote this piece about 18 years ago…