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Fields of Dreams

Fields of Dreams ~ radiant blue skies golden pastures of tallgrass ignite fields of dreams ~ I’ve always loved the openness of prairie lands with their golden grasses and endless vistas. For me, the open vistas invite an inner opening. My body, mind, and being all open and relax in response to these views. I…

Bluebells, poetry

Bluebonnet Bliss

Bluebonnet Bliss ~ bluebonnets beckon lush prairies and rolling hills filled with blue¬†bliss ~ #NoPoWriMo day 11 This beautiful image was taken by my¬†friend Gayle from high school days. We’ve both developed a passion for photography, especially flowers. I would love to roll around in those lush prairies. How about you?

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Prairie Ponderings

Prairie Ponderings walking among the tall prairie grasses golden sunlight awakens my dormant dreams timeless rhythms pound in my heart ~ golden colors feed unknown primal longings to be one with the prairie trusting, growing, rooted in rich earth ~ My walk through the prairie awakened dormant longings and feelings that I can’t describe. There…