romance, poetry

Under a Blushing Moon

Under a Blushing Moon ~ spring’s arrival boldly on display a carnival of color and procreation nubile shoots glowing with vitality naked petals quivering in readiness pollen poised for loving union petals dancing and surging pollinators feasting hungrily nature’s Eros fully exposed under a blushing moon ~ This is my whimsical take on writing a…

fields, dreams, poetry

Fields of Dreams

Fields of Dreams ~ radiant blue skies golden pastures of tallgrass ignite fields of dreams ~ I’ve always loved the openness of prairie lands with their golden grasses and endless vistas. For me, the open vistas invite an inner opening. My body, mind, and being all open and relax in response to these views. I…

Soul Care, poetry

Soul Care

Soul Care ~ soft feathery clouds a sunset filled with grace whispers to my heart ~ I had a soul-nourishing day yesterday filled with food, friends, a walk in the woods and topped off with this stunning sunset. I have never seen clouds like these. They were like feather dusters for the sky, gently whisking…

Dream Dancer, haiku

Cosmic Dancer

Cosmic Dancer ~ man meets a woman  cosmic energy in flux the dance of lovers ~ an elegant dance the universe in motion cosmic flames ignite ~ These are my first two haikus inspired by Elisa Choi Ang’s beautiful painting. I found it on Freya Pickard’s Pure Haiku poetry website as part of her latest…

crazy politics

Cray Cray City

Cray Cray City ~ public theater the folly of government politics in play ~ I’m disappointed over the impeachment farce. Even though it was clear President Trump was never going to be impeached, I had thought we might have a real trial, with witnesses and a more public examination of his actions. I’m a Democrat/…

winter, wonder, climate

Winter Wonders

Winter Wonders ~ a snowy winter carpet lightly dusting the earth quiet fills the day with a veil of beauty nature’s wonder ~ Sadly, we haven’t had more than a dusting in 10 years. Clearly, the climate is changing and many of us can’t help but wonder if nature can handle the changes we have…

winter, wonder, poetry

Crystalline Moments

Crystalline Moments ~ a beautiful dream frozen in time thoughts crystallized in spirals of wonder lattices for languid love waiting on spring’s song ~ #melancholy musings, #winterwonder  

blessings, new year,

Blessings for a New Year

Blessings for a New Year   Thank you for sharing the journey with me. I finally am feeling a few rays of hope, trust, and courage to act. Maybe this will be the new I re-emerge from my shell to see the world with fresh eyes. As I look back on the past year, what…