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The Dance of Love

The Dance of Love ~ take a centering breath reach across the fears maybe she’ll say yes take the chance play the game feel the beat move your feet dance on soul weaver ~ Valentine’s Day has come and gone, along with my motivation for dating. Thanks to Natalie, fellow blogger at The Hot Goddess,…


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Winter Wonders

Winter Wonders ~ a crisp winter breeze golden grass glowing brightly anchors my heart strings ~ I haven’t been getting outside much lately, at least not to parks or long nature walks where I usually find beauty to photograph and feed my soul. To keep that part of me alive, I’m posting a collection of…

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Macro Moments

Macro Moments ~ velvety textures plant life brimming with color my silken treasures ~ I’ve been busy with a new job and not very inspired to write, so here is a short poem and update to say hello, Happy New Year, and thanks for being part of my online family. I appreciate each of you.…

christmas miracle

Christmas Miracle

Christmas Miracle ~ a rare winter snow sparks childhood glee and magic shared heart to heart ~ ~ We haven’t had any snow in about 5 years, except for a couple of dustings that lasted mere hours. Even this miracle event was only about 2″ of snow, but it brought so much joy to those…

autumn, change

A Season of Change

A Season of Change ~ earthy smells delightful colors a time for letting go slowing and savoring decay lingers in the air the leaves are falling nature is storing her energy Joe Biden is President-Elect hope is in the air ~

reflections, autumn

Autumnal Reflections

Autumnal Reflections ~ trees glow with color a season of transition hope and love abound ~ ~ We are on the verge of great change in our country right now. Besides the obvious change in the US elections, many of my friends are undergoing transitions large and small. I’m following the trend, having found a…

Dewy Delights

~ earthy aromas water adorns tiny webs a sublime beauty ~ ~ These images were all taken in mom’s yard on my visit to Virginia. It was a magical morning after a light dew from a cool evening. I especially love how the spider webs and water drops form a sparkling mosaic. ~ ~ Reading…

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Fungi Fantasia

Fungi Fantasia ~ funky fungi glow nature’s unsung recyclers harbingers of life ~                                 Fungi are endlessly fascinating to me. I love the variety of colors, shapes, textures, and habitats they occupy (from the desert to the deep sea.) Did…

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Trailside Beauty

Trailside Beauty ~ nature’s beauty calls whispers among the forest the language of love ~ Much like John Muir, I go to the woods to be set right. To restore my mind, body, and spirit by communing with nature. These images are taken along one of my favorite places to hike around town at Lake…