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Winter Reflections

Winter Reflections ~ a moment of grace trees floating on smooth waters winter reflections ~ I finally took some time to nurture myself in nature on Christmas afternoon. While most of the world was busy with family and celebration, I soaked up the beauty and peaceful vibes of nature. My body and mind were refreshed,…

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Autumn Reflections

Autumn Reflections ~ reflected beauty autumn colors softly glow with the touch of love ~   sunset washes over the lake a quiet stillness fills the air time slows as nature settles autumn colors glowing birds settle into night nests ripples of beauty touch the sky peace fills my mind and heart ~ The top…

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Soulful Waters

Soulful Waters ~ autumn reflections sweet waters to calm your mind bridges to the soul ~ Being near water always soothes my soul, whether a river, lake or ocean. Then add the extra beauty of fall colors, reflections on water, and something magical happens. The colors this year have been extra vivid, bringing out the…

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Fields of Smiles

Fields of Smiles ~ bounty of asters glowing in the open field makes me want to sing ~ Thank you Gayle for another beautiful image that sparked my heart and imagination. Looking at this images makes me happy and want to smile and/ or sing! I hope my words and Gayle’s image bring a little…

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Awesome Stories 360

This week Awesome Stories brings you resiliency, fantastical fun, and the mushroom kid. Thriving with Resiliency Resiliency is a hot topic in both the personal growth and environmental circles. Our ability to adapt is becoming more important than ever in the rapidly changing and often chaotic world. Dr. Andrea Dinardo is a teacher, author, and…

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Peaceful Waters

Peaceful Waters ~ ┬áthe sun fades away glowing over still waters peace fills the valley ~ This was a grand sunset over the White River where I lived briefly in 2016. Living with Steven on the lake was a wonderful opportunity to watch the sunsets as a routine to appreciate and give thanks for each…

Fall, colors, poetry

Festive Fall

Festive Fall ~ creeks filled with color autumn declares her presence fall festival flows ~ Like a gentle creek, autumn has arrived slowly and quietly. Her sweetness flows into my heart with whispers of color, coolness, and peace. May her beauty warm your heart. Blessings, Brad  

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Summer Love

Summer Love ~ With summer winding down and the diminishing flowers around town, I’m feeling a sadness. Yes, I love autumn, but the explosion of flowers in spring and summer makes my heart sing. As a photographer and writer who relies on nature and flowers for much of my inspiration, I’ll have to dig deeper…