Macro Musings

~ fungi sharing food magical living networks nature’s recyclers ~ I decided to revisit my passion for macro. In fact, I’ve been researching cellphones to see what the latest batch of phones can do. Some of them are very impressive and tempting me to upgrade. As you may know, I live simply and don’t buy…

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Prairie Ponderings

Prairie Ponderings walking among the tall prairie grasses golden sunlight awakens my dormant dreams timeless rhythms pound in my heart ~ golden colors feed unknown primal longings to be one with the prairie trusting, growing, rooted in rich earth ~ My walk through the prairie awakened dormant longings and feelings that I can’t describe. There…

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Meadow Musings

Meadow Musings summer dreams bake rising and wafting about floating on soft puffy clouds visiting far away lands ~ my spirit floating free untethered to dream and soar sailing on winds of inspiration returning to earth refreshed and renewed ~ May you be refreshed with joyful meadow musings!

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Far Away Lands

Far Away Lands summer daydreams fly sailing on meadow musings reach far away lands ~ My meadow musings continue. Here is the first musing called Mellow Meadow. May your summer be full of mellow meadow musings!  🙂  

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Once I Was a Meadow

Meadows and other childhood delights Children seem to have a natural affinity for nature, exploring inner and outer realms while playing in fields, yards and meadows. This article explores the poetic ways that children experience nature in more connected, undifferentiated ways. My muse was inspired to revisit those playful days as a child laying in…

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An Ode to Simple Souls

An Ode to Simple Souls . We yearn for simplicity Not necessarily of empty mind Merely the deeply peaceful kind Where bodies, minds and souls Are joined in blissful roles A rest from bustling life Filled with endless striving and strife . This is the land of grace Where a simple smiling face Can last…