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Poetry Collaboration- When Dreams Fade Away

When Dreams Fall Away Neha of Forgotten Meadows has started another poetry collaborative. This time she asked us to write a poem based on the prompt “When Dreams Fade Away.” As I slipped into quiet reflection, my muse felt the magic of dreams and their fading as we enter our daytime routines. My offering is below.…

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Awesome Stories 288

This week Awesome Stories brings you baby morality, junk food, magical living and Little Pantries. Born Good? This is a fun video commercial created by the Canadian group called People for Good to show how silly it is to label babies as good or bad. Further, they believe, as I do, that we are born…

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Dancing Waters

Dancing Waters ~ beams of sparkling sunlight dancing on the shimmering lake messengers of cosmic light come to share their song of joy each moment a precious gift wake up and rejoice this day a festival of dancing light come to play upon our hearts these sweet dancing waters ~ Here’s a quick video which…

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Leaf Love

Leaf Love mystic connections flow along veined pathways igniting powerful alchemy sunlight, leaves and sugars awaken dormant desires in my sacred chambers

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Magic Nights

Magic Nights magic moments stir the night skies on fire with glorious light cosmic visitors streak across the sky wonder filling my heart and third eye ~ Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere were treated to three nights of magic in the skies last week. The Perseid Meteor Shower visited in full force with comet…

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Mushroom Musings

Mushroom Musings moist yearnings secret learnings spores of delight taking magic flight ~ awakening our sacred heart excited for a new start tales of magic, fairies and gnomes blessing our hidden homes ~ let your child play enjoying each new day from birth until re-birth creating heaven on earth ~ This poem was inspired by…

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Magic Gates

Magic Gates worlds collide doors open rainbows dance stars ignite and magic happens when our hearts open ~ Here are a couple more photos from the gorgeous autumn display last year when my heart opened wide with the beauty of nature. Happy Autumn! ~

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Gnomes Unite!

Gnomes Unite!                         trouble is brewing in Waldendorf Meadows those darn fairies think they rule the middle earth the trolls and gnomes have tolerated enough of their fairy airs we’re going on strike no more hut building and hard labor until we have equal…

Teddy Stallard, Awesome Stories

Awesome Stories 1.78

This week Awesome Stories brings you Teddy’s teacher, cool batteries, Danny’s gang, sustainable zoos and smooth magic. Enjoy! Teddy and his Teacher  Get your tissues ready! This is a very touching story about the power of one person to change the direction of another person’s life. It’s hard to say whether Teddy or his teacher,…