Dream Time

~ expansive vistas puffy clouds drift over fields potent dreams set free ~ Whenever I see wide open fields with big vistas, I feel open and expansive. Dreamtime calls me with the desire to lie down and allow my body to relax while my spirit soars. A field of dreams is the perfect way to…

Celebrating our Muses

I’ve mentioned my Missing Muse and lack of inspiration to write lately. The topics of muses and lack of creative motivation are routine challenges for writers across our community. The pandemic, isolation, political, and economic challenges have touched our lives and many a muse is missing or at least in serious remission. I’ve written about…

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Moss Mountain

Moss Mountain ~ majestic mountain ruling over mossy fields king of the moss land ~ I love the details of nature to be found in close up views. I’d love a better camera to fully capture the details, but they’re still fascinating to me. This scene is like a miniature mountain scene. In physical reality,…

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Monsters in the Moss

Monsters in the Moss ~ monsters in the moss creatures lurking in the grass silken hideaways imagination run wild dreams to pass the time of day ~ I love the variety of colors, textures, and plants in this corner of the woods. Looking at the image later, I saw what appeared to be two creatures…

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Awesome Stories 370

This week Awesome Stories brings you the power of storytelling, transforming education, and celebrating nature. Unleashing Imagination Listening to a storyteller is to take a trip into the land of the right brain where imagination, myth, past, and present coalesce. ~ Charlotte Du Cann Martin Shaw talks about the power of good storytelling to unleash our…

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Rainbow Dreams

Rainbow Dreams ~ rainbows of bright light fill my imagination visions of delight ~ I’m pretty pleased with this photo, especially since it was taken with my cellphone and the quality in low light was a concern. Sometimes imperfection is just fine or dare I say “perfect!” May rainbows color your world. 

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Summer Dreams

Summer Dreams summer dreams awaken distant longings visions of far away lands floating on soft pink clouds ~ time takes a detour this moment opens to eternity pathways to inspiration with clouds as my travel guide

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Gnomes Unite!

Gnomes Unite!                         trouble is brewing in Waldendorf Meadows those darn fairies think they rule the middle earth the trolls and gnomes have tolerated enough of their fairy airs we’re going on strike no more hut building and hard labor until we have equal…

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Floating Away

Floating Away sunset awakens fanciful dreams as ethereal as clouds floating away to kiss the night with whispers of beauty and flight ~ while mind wanders the heart remembers kisses from Hafiz and Rumi dancing upon my soul intoxicated with light ~ P.S. This poem was inspired by Trini of The Inscrutable Paths of Spirit and…

Mystic Meadows

Mystic Meadows Once upon a time I dreamed of mystic meadows exploding in springtime wildflowers birds, bees and beauty galore ~ feasting on bountiful blossoms dispensary of divine nectar resting in that mystic meadow I float on puffy clouds ~ imagining bold adventures near and far fanciful journeys of mind and soul fully satiated by…