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Soul Spaces 109

This week Soulful Sunday becomes Soul Spaces. Love in its essence is spiritual fire.~ Seneca I’ve decided to change the name of this series to Soul Spaces to better reflect the idea of feeding our souls. There are almost infinite ways to feed our souls. We each must learn what activities, people, and places nurture our…

National Poetry Month

Soul Whispers

Soul Whispers  ~ whispers from the void our soul is always available no matter the hour or how little we heed the call our soul waits patiently quietly listening, nudging and calling when we are ready, the gate opens filling us with the peace of God and the wisdom of our heart, don’t wait, answer…

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Sunset Serenades

Sunset Serenades   Crimson love sets in my heart. My heart sails on crimson dreams. Crimson clouds serenade my beating heart. Mystic dreams sail on crimson clouds. Sunsets dreams settle in still waters. Fiery dreams rise on crimson clouds. ~ I couldn’t pick so you get six six-word-stories today!

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Purple Passion

Purple Passion waves of purple passion exploding dancing with lavish yellow clouds singing songs in my heart ~ swirls of color wafting through my mind sparking creamy white dreams and a shower of joy! ~ This poem was inspired by the wonderful painting from Vera Komnig. Thank you Vera! When I saw this painting, my being…

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Magic Gates

Magic Gates worlds collide doors open rainbows dance stars ignite and magic happens when our hearts open ~ Here are a couple more photos from the gorgeous autumn display last year when my heart opened wide with the beauty of nature. Happy Autumn! ~

Occupy Your Heart; a Call to Loving Action

A friend of mine, Dave, is fostering flourishing in his life. I like the phrase thriving. We are both talking about living beyond survival, where we access our inner greatness in order to bring out our best. Our best is usually connected to being uniquely ourselves while helping others. The beauty in helping others is…

Occupy your heart; a call to peace and oneness

In times of great challenge, I like to remember that the chinese character for crisis also means opportunity. I’m see great potential in the Occupy movement started in NY and spreading around the country. And great danger depending on our choices. Therefore, I have a bold suggestion. Start with yourself. Occupy your heart first and remember that…