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Winter Wonders

Winter Wonders ~ a crisp winter breeze golden grass glowing brightly anchors my heart strings ~ I haven’t been getting outside much lately, at least not to parks or long nature walks where I usually find beauty to photograph and feed my soul. To keep that part of me alive, I’m posting a collection of…


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Heart Strings

Heart Strings ~ lush rose petals glow garden bounty in full bloom tugging on my heart ~ This is a photo from the gardens I planted at the last home I owned. Since I sold that house, I haven’t had gardens of my own to grow and nurture. Sometimes I’ve helped tend my landlord’s gardens,…

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A Spring Stroll

A Spring Stroll ~ Spring brings a succession of joyful growth bursting with color and aroma. The menagerie of delightful colors brings a smile to my face and heart. Cherry trees are early spring stars with a profusion of white blossoms and delicate scents. Next tulips lead the parade with a variety of colors while…

Comely Clover

Comely Clover ~ simple red clover tiny edible blossoms beautiful delights ~ I find nature endlessly fascinating. This beautiful flower is a close up image of a common red clover blossom. The red clover is an edible legume found in much of the midwest and the northeast US. It is commonly used as food for…

Colorful Canyons

Colorful Canyons ~ wildflowers explode canyons alive with color super bloom display ~ This image warms my heart and brings a smile to my being. It’s a beautiful image captured by Linda Wright at Walker Canyon, California this spring during the unusually colorful spring flower display called a super bloom. A super bloom is a…

Silken Treasures

Silken Treasures ~ silken petals inviting me inward following the velvety curves my heart warms and begins to hum enjoying your delicate treasures  I find the core of peace home at last ~

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Soul Spaces 109

This week Soulful Sunday becomes Soul Spaces. Love in its essence is spiritual fire.~ Seneca I’ve decided to change the name of this series to Soul Spaces to better reflect the idea of feeding our souls. There are almost infinite ways to feed our souls. We each must learn what activities, people, and places nurture our…

National Poetry Month

Soul Whispers

Soul Whispers  ~ whispers from the void our soul is always available no matter the hour or how little we heed the call our soul waits patiently quietly listening, nudging and calling when we are ready, the gate opens filling us with the peace of God and the wisdom of our heart, don’t wait, answer…

sunset, six word story

Sunset Serenades

Sunset Serenades   Crimson love sets in my heart. My heart sails on crimson dreams. Crimson clouds serenade my beating heart. Mystic dreams sail on crimson clouds. Sunsets dreams settle in still waters. Fiery dreams rise on crimson clouds. ~ I couldn’t pick so you get six six-word-stories today!