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Awesome Stories 300- New Year’s Edition

This week Awesome Stories brings you stories to start your new year with a flame in your heart and a smile on your face. University of the People University of the People is aiming to change the way we learn and educate people. They’ve created the first accredited, tuition-free university that offers both 2 and…

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A Tender Heart

A Tender Heart ~ a tender heart throbbing joys and pains magnified the feelings overwhelm I am alive and grateful ~ breathing deeply I feel the peace remembering this shall pass moving on with life ~ Apparently, I put out a very strong intention! The days following my declarations to be more spacious and focus…

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How to Heal Our Country

Originally posted on BonneVivanteLife:
It has been 12 days since the election. I have been sitting with it all, not sure what to say, think, write. Everyone has something to say. It’s hard for me to take it all in, to sit and listen to all the opinions and facts and projections and fears and…

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Awesome Stories 281

This week Awesome Stories brings you cardboard homes, prison friendship, solar success and precious jewelry. Amazing Cardboard Homes This is a pretty interesting project. Students built homes made from cardboard to demonstrate easier and more sustainable construction possibilities. I wish I could find an article with more info. Here is a nice collection of photos…

Awesome Stories 275

This week Awesome Stories brings you urban paradise, wholeness, Captain Planet and Navajo justice. Urban Paradise in Detroit Shu Harris has a dream to build a safe, caring, urban paradise in the middle of the Highland Park area of Detroit. The neighborhood faces huge challenges with the loss of people, library, schools and investment, but…

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Awesome Stories 273

This week Awesome Stories brings you healing with nature, creative wisdom, Peace Fleece and aerial dance. Healing with Nature Research is proving what many of us already know; that time in nature is good for us. Scientists are finding evidence that being in nature has a strong impact on our brains and our behavior, helping us…

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Awesome Stories 235

This week Awesome Stories brings you poetry slam, selfless giving, natural pools, storm chasing and storytelling. Unseen Connections My first time going to a slam poetry performance was very enlivening. Some of the performers stirred me more than others, especially those whose message or passion struck a chord. Maybe one day I’ll perform a poem…

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The End of Tough Love

The End of Tough Love Johann Hari wrote a wonderful article about Portugals’ alternative approach to drug addiction. Studies show that punishment (tough love) rarely works for addicts, rats or inmates. One of our most human needs is to be connected socially. Unfortunately most current approaches for both crime and addiction use methods that isolate…

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Embracing the Pain

Pain seems to be a recurring theme for me in the last few years. I’ve written before about Matt Kahn, whose teachings resonate strongly for me. He just released a video about pain that is both timely and hard for me to accept. He encourages us to consider pain as a spiritual call to awaken. Pain is…

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Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls of Wisdom   mine the depth of your soul harvesting pearls of wisdom polished in the trials of your life ~   For those of us struggling with challenges, remember there are hidden gifts within our challenges. – muse brad image from