Harvest Moon, poetry

Moon Madness

Moon Madness ~ night riders mounted shadows glide across the sky moon madness beckons ~ The Earth’s shadow darkened the moon during the lunar eclipse on September 16, 2016. Sadly I missed this rare event due to cloudy weather. It’s called a penumbral lunar eclipse where the earth causes a shadow across the moon. This…

moon musings, poetry

Moon Musings

Moon Musings the earth, moon and sun enter a cosmic dance while circling the galaxy awe eclipses my mind as beauty shines forth galactic mysteries reflected in soft orange hues an invitation to wonder the questions are legion the answers mysterious circling in soft shades of night ~

Supermoon Moods, poetry, love, light

Mystic Moon Beams

Mystic Moon Beams moonbeams illuminate the night piercing the veil surrounding a closed heart ~ tides flowing to hidden spaces passions awakening, synapses firing cells awakening in secret codes ~ let this magic light awaken the weary sojourner shaking off the fearful dream ~ opening heart and soul to beauty, wonder and love on this harvest…