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Calling Cupid

Calling Cupid ~ this boy is ready for romance happy feet itching to dance ready for rock, roll, or swing or maybe two-step is your thing ~ dance into these tender arms surrendering to the charms with promises to nurture your heart giving romance a joyful start ~ Once again I’ve enjoyed letting my imagination…


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Awesome Stories 306 – Valentine’s Edition

This week Awesome Stories brings you love stories, self-love, love without labels, and roses. Roses Roses represent love on so many levels, bridging gaps in age, gender, race, history, and religion. Maybe we should create a National Rose Day. 🙂 They have a rich history of symbolism, representing everything from purity to love, passion, fertility, death,…

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Awesome Stories 260

This week Awesome Stories brings you perspective, evolving city planning, regenerative agriculture, cute babies and surprise giving. One Person, 6 Perspectives As a hobby photographer, I know how my perspective (focus, filters and location) greatly affects what I see. This fun video shows what happens when our perspective is tilted by judgments and preconceptions. It’s…