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Green Goodness

Green Goodness ~ looking up I felt protected sheltered by a canopy of green glowing with light and vitality yet also tranquil like a still lake soothing to my mind and soul a moment of green goodness ~

Soul Spaces 112 – Family and Gardens

Soul Spaces Family and Garden Goodness ~ azaleas in bloom squirrels practice acrobats butterflies dancing nature’s bounty on display nourishing body and soul ~   My mom and I thrive in the garden with flowers, bushes, plants, and birds to warm our hearts. I was happy to spruce up her yard as my way of…


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Glowing Goodness

Glowing Goodness ~ setting sun whispers fields of color glowing bright my day is complete ~ This is a gorgeous watercolor painting by Janet Weight Reed. Her watercolors dance with color, flow, and joy. She often paints hummingbirds to remind us of the joys in life and teaches watercolor painting around Europe. I believe she is…