We the People: Stand Up For Freedom

We the People: Stand Up For Freedom We appear to be steadily losing our rights and freedoms. This is why I post alternative views on my blog and Facebook page. Not only in the US, but around the world, the elite, banks, corporations, and governments are increasing their control over our lives while keeping us…


Be Free

Be Free ~ art as a touchstone stirring life’s hidden treasures open heart be free ~ As my blog name suggests, I love freedom and this painting by Vera Komnig speaks to my heart. It radiates freedom in its vibrant colors, expansive feeling, and sense of wild dancing. Vera calls this piece Be Free, Dream…

The Taste of Love

The Taste of Love ~ gazing at the twilight sky immersed in a sea of beauty every pore is filled with the taste of love vibrating in harmony at one with life free at last ~

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Calling All Freedom Riders

Calling All Freedom Riders Once upon a time, I waved the flag with pride and joy. Those days are long gone, and way before the current administration. This is simply the latest wake up call. The only real freedom is that which we create from inside ourselves. Realizing that our “great” country is run by…

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Awesome Stories 330

This week Awesome Stories brings you dancing to freedom, tree communication, remarkable kids, and a legacy of reform. Dancing to Freedom This is a remarkable story of perseverance. Refugee Ahmad Joudeh uses dance to create messages of peace. He has persevered beyond what most of us can imagine. Dancing is taboo in his native country…

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Star Spangled Beauty

Star Spangled Beauty ~ flaming red petals shooting rockets of desire star-spangled beauty ~ Here’s a lighter post to counter my last post on freedom. In our efforts to make the world a better place, let us remember all the beauty that already exists. May you have a star-spangled week full of beauty and love.

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Fleeting Freedom

Fleeting Freedom The Fourth of July and patriotism stir up my feelings about this country and the way we are headed. I would love to see a more inclusive country that embraces the ideals upon which it was founded. Here’s a lovely video that speaks to that idea. Can we have freedom in a healthy,…

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Summer Dreams

Summer Dreams summer dreams awaken distant longings visions of far away lands floating on soft pink clouds ~ time takes a detour this moment opens to eternity pathways to inspiration with clouds as my travel guide

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New Life

New Life tweet, eat and sleep mother is near to keep me out of harms way guarding for critters who prey ~ I test and fluff my wings still such fragile things one day I’ll fly free but today I’m here with thee! ~ Yesterday I noticed this baby robin in my yard. It seemed odd…

Turkey Tales, poetry

Turkey Tales

Turkey Tales there once was a turkey named freebird who wasn’t one to follow the herd rather than gobbling all the time he’d rather explore the sublime ~ this is a whimsical tale of a fellow who loved kale rather than debate over dark and white he loves the many shades of light ~ sad…