Soul Spaces 115 – Ancient Sentinels

Ancient Sentinels ~ ancient hardwood trees guardians of forest paths towers of wisdom ~ tiptoeing through the forest a peaceful stillness prevails the ancients are watching wondering if we will ever wake up or simply keep racing through life consuming our lattes and danish with the earth in the balance the choices of mankind lie…

Panda Play

Panda Play ~ emerald forests flowing with tasty bamboo and pandas at play full of boundless energy spark childhood delight and joy ~ I’m grateful to Tania Marie (friend and fellow blogger) for letting me use this beautiful image as inspiration for writing a poem. Tania is a creative, sensitive soul who has deep relationships…

elementals, nature poetry

Elementals #5

Elementals #5 ~ forest and fungi the synergy of shared growth elemental play  ~ I have long been fascinated by fungi and mushrooms. Fungi are heterotrophs that obtain their carbon and energy from other organisms. Some fungi obtain their nutrients from a living host (plant or animal) and others obtain their nutrients from dead plants.