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Dancing with the Wind

Dancing with the Wind ~ energy in flux feelings swirling and twirling dancing with the wind ~ I’ve been feeling unsettled the last few days. Nothing obvious is going on in my life, but I’m aware of the blustery wind and how it matches and stirs up my feelings. I’m dancing with the energy, attempting…

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Hasta La Vista

Hasta La Vista A lot has changed this week. I turned down the subsidized apartment that I was planning to move into. After spending some time in the apartment and building, I realized that I would not like living there. The environment is depressing and the city noise is non-stop. I’m a light sleeper and…


Blessings Flowing – #Blesstival2016

Blessings Flowing – #Blesstival2016 This post is part of #Blesstival2016 to spread a wave of blessings around the globe. Created by Jamie of Sophie’s Children, the idea is to create and share a wave of blessings flowing around the globe. If you’re interested in adding your voice to the wave of blessings, then check out…

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Babbling Brook

Babbling Brook my mind wanders gently flowing with the brook detours and eddies to rest yet always flowing onward building strength and flow we merge in purpose our procession home a sacred circle of life    

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Plot Twist

Plot Twist great mysteries lie ahead my room to rent is dead as I lean into this unknown place mind and heart filling with grace trusting in the flow allowing me to grow ~ My housing situation is floating. The place I had fell through and now I’m open to something better. Thankfully, I have…

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Finding the Flow

Finding the Flow As I’ve slowed down to find my way during this time of change, I hear my inner mentor that I call “musebrad”. Here are some messages that I heard in a time of flow last week. I heard there is no right or one path, simply the path of peace (which we…

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Love Is Freedom

Love Is… Everything All We Need The Answer to Every Question The Path to Freedom Living in Peace, Ease, Joy and Flow ~ Where we embrace everything Allowing life to be exactly as it is Knowing it has no bearing on our beingness Allowing experiences, thoughts, feelings and events to parade on by While we…