romance, poetry

Under a Blushing Moon

Under a Blushing Moon ~ spring’s arrival boldly on display a carnival of color and procreation nubile shoots glowing with vitality naked petals quivering in readiness pollen poised for loving union petals dancing and surging pollinators feasting hungrily nature’s Eros fully exposed under a blushing moon ~ This is my whimsical take on writing a…

beauty, love, poetry

Tropical Delights

Tropical Delights ~ delicate island breezes carry your scent inland tropical delights ignite my desires a siren call of passion, play, and forbidden fruits body swaying in rhythm to your island beat my heart on fire with longing obsession fills me with tropical dreams longing to claim your treasures I surrender to your charms ~…

Valentine's, love, poetry

Be My Valentine

  Be My Valentine ~ exquisite feelings explode rushing through my being delightful smells linger the musky scent of desire pleasure traversing my body alluring attractions arise with bonds of love and lust life without you unfathomable our hearts entwined epic love or addiction pass the chocolate ~ Happy Valentine’s My Sweet!  🙂