life as poetry, NaPoWriMo

Living Poetry

Living Poetry my first dance awkward glance fumbling, stepping on toes blushing, my face glows hesitantly learning to trust relax, spin and thrust flowing with the music of life letting go of struggle, pain and strife is god moving me or am I moving thee who cares, I dance with glee

Cupid Strikes in Surprise Attack

Cupid Strikes in Surprise Attack

My Funny Valentine’s Day Tribute When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.~ Rumi Enjoy this rousing rendition of “My Funny Valentine” by Alice Fredenham. Shall We Dance? he thought he was done with romance stale from a life too cautious to dance neither bitter nor playful…

Intuitive Dancer

I’m realizing that life would be easier if I approach my life like I do dancing. I’m a pretty good dancer. I dance by intuition, feeling the music, then moving. I’m learning to become an intuitive dancer with life; the eternal dance between spirit and body. I borrowed the phrase intutive dancer from a song by Dave Fournet. Thanks Dave!…