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Is Might Right?

Is Might Right? ~ vile and vitriol are flowing poisoning the masses scoundrels with orange hair warmongers wearing suits the lines between parties are fuzzy clouding who is good and who is evil ~ Meanwhile, the real issues are buried beneath endless bickering, distraction, politics, and shenanigans. War has long been the priority in America…


Once Upon a Blue Moon

Once Upon a Blue Moon

Once Upon a Blue Moon I had so much fun the first time I decided to try another short story with this intriguing image. Here is my second story to go with Diana’s March Speculative Fiction Prompt. Enjoy! ~ Andrus had a swagger about him. One of the new breeds, he didn’t look like your…

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Awesome Stories 272

The return of Awesome Stories! It’s great to be back and reaching out to our community. I’ll have more about my trip and adventures soon, but wanted to share some Awesome Stories for now. This week’s edition brings you solar flight, miracle tree, meditation and the struggle for control. Solar Plane Success Bertrand Piccard completed…