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Shivers of Ecstasy

Shivers of Ecstasy ~ perched at the edge of the bay time seems to stop as heaven and earth merge my imagination takes flight soaring on soft puffy clouds allowing our souls to break free no longer bound by earthly toils free to float, fly, or simply be your spirit touches mine alive with shivers…

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Storms Brewing

Storms Brewing ~ darkening skylight lenticular clouds building thunderstorms brewing ~ I love watching storm clouds brewing, especially from a distance where I can see the clouds billowing and building. This electric photo was taken by Zachary Hargrove of Furious Skies. May we learn to watch our inner storms with similar curiosity and detachment. 🙂  

Moon on Fire

Moon on Fire ~ full moon magic night puffy clouds on fire with light smoky reflections ~ The full moon Sunday night was beautiful and magical. Sometimes not being able to get a perfect photo with my cellphone is a good thing. My cellphone created this beautiful interpretation of the full moon. To make it more…

Far Away Dreams

Pastel Dreams

Pastel Dreams ~ pastel infused dreams liquid landscapes floating by time becomes color ~ #NaPoWriMo day 13 This gorgeous watercolor landscape of Kent, England, by Janet Weight Reed, inspired my dreams and my muse. If you don’t know Janet, I encourage you to visit her blog, which is full of beautiful watercolor paintings, interspersed with…

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Summer Dreams

Summer Dreams summer dreams awaken distant longings visions of far away lands floating on soft pink clouds ~ time takes a detour this moment opens to eternity pathways to inspiration with clouds as my travel guide

meadows by flatirons

Once I Was a Meadow

Meadows and other childhood delights Children seem to have a natural affinity for nature, exploring inner and outer realms while playing in fields, yards and meadows. This article explores the poetic ways that children experience nature in more connected, undifferentiated ways. My muse was inspired to revisit those playful days as a child laying in…