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The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Begins My trip finally begins today. My things are in storage, my bagsĀ are packed, my car is repaired and I’m ready to hit the road. I expect to be on the road for about a month. I may post if I’m inspired or I may give myself a vacation from all routines, problems…

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Spring Fling

Spring Fling ~ he flashed his white blooms she opened purple petals they had a spring fling ~ Many years ago I rented an apartment in this neighborhood. Each spring the street explodes with dogwoods, redbuds, azaleas and an abundance of flowers. People walk and drive through the neighborhood to gawk at the springtime display…

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Hummingbird Joy

Hummingbird Joy ~ buzzing wings in flight joyful expressions of light beauty and delight ~ Recently, I’ve been enjoying the joyful paintings of Janet Weight Reed. Her flowing watercolors warm my heart. I encourage you to visit her site and explore. Thanks for allowing me to use your lovely paintings Janet!

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Dancing Waters

Dancing Waters ~ beams of sparkling sunlight dancing on the shimmering lake messengers of cosmic light come to share their song of joy each moment a precious gift wake up and rejoice this day a festival of dancing light come to play upon our hearts these sweet dancing waters ~ Here’s a quick video which…

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Babbling Brook

Babbling Brook ~ your soothing waters sing melodies to my heart joyful feelings flow ~ A recent spring storm filled the woods with the sounds of this sweet babbling brook. It definitely sang to my heart. May the rivers of life feed our spirits. Happy Spring! PS I just uploaded a video to Youtube of…

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Riding the Wild Pony of Spontaneity

Riding the Wild Pony of Spontaneity And now for some Fucktastic News! I don’t really have big news, I just like writing this new word and letting my muse get a little wild. The word is made up by Allison Marie of Glory Begin. If you don’t know Allison, buckle up and prepare for a…

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Babbling Brook

Babbling Brook my mind wanders gently flowing with the brook detours and eddies to rest yet always flowing onward building strength and flow we merge in purpose our procession home a sacred circle of life    

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Autumn Treats

Autumn Treats No time for creative writing today, just a few photos from the last few weeks with our extended warm weather and flowers hanging on. Saying goodbye to my beautiful garden. Thanks for all the beauty and joy! The last hurrah from my zinnias.                    …

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Cosmic Light

Cosmic Light   visitors from distant galaxies meteors dash across the horizon filling the sky with wondrous light leaving trails of cosmic joy ~ This painting by Vera KomnigĀ fills my heart with joy. It’s like liquid sunshine! I invite you to explore Vera’s wonderful artwork.