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Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine ~ after the long dark winter it’s time to embrace the light no more hiding in shadows no more hesitating in doubt the quiet time has served your gifts are calling and the world is ready let go of your fears turn toward the light let’s rise and shine ~ P.S. I…

Happy New Year, intentions

An Intentional Year

An Intentional Year I’ve been giving thought to what kind of year (and life) that I want to have. For too long I’ve drifted from one day to the next. And it’s not as if I’m living spontaneously in the moment. Mostly, I’ve been living in routine and old patterns. This year I aim to…

Fall in Aspen, CO, poetry

Aspen Magic

Aspen Magic ~ radiant colors mystic messages in light golden rays transform ~ This gorgeous photo was taken by Thomas O’ Brien. Thanks for sharing the beauty! I remember those glorious glowing aspens in Colorado. 🙂  

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Moon Musings

Moon Musings the earth, moon and sun enter a cosmic dance while circling the galaxy awe eclipses my mind as beauty shines forth galactic mysteries reflected in soft orange hues an invitation to wonder the questions are legion the answers mysterious circling in soft shades of night ~

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Majestic Views

Majestic Views   majestic views stir my soul regal canyons carved over time rivers below patiently flowing colorful clouds floating free all leaving beautiful trails in my soul awe whispers in my heart reclaim your majesty ~ This is another awe-inspiring photo from Mike Oblinski, photographer and storm chaser. May we look for beauty and listen…

Vera Komnig, painting, poetry

Cosmic Light

Cosmic Light   visitors from distant galaxies meteors dash across the horizon filling the sky with wondrous light leaving trails of cosmic joy ~ This painting by Vera Komnig fills my heart with joy. It’s like liquid sunshine! I invite you to explore Vera’s wonderful artwork.

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Groovin’ with Joey

Groovin’ with Joey Cascading, soaring music rolling off his hands Joey is groovin’ ~ upbeat, downbeat harmonics and melodies tumble over keys This kid is so hot, he’s smoking! I’m a big fan of jazz and his skill and improvisation levels are incredible, especially when you learn he is only 11 years old!!! I’m glad I…

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Fumbling Forward- The F-Challenge

The F- Challenge Thank you Syl for offering an open invitation to this fun F- Challenge. Like Syl, I too had to watch my “F words”. Here are the guidelines if you choose to play along. 1. Thank the person who nominated you. 2. Write a prose of five lines, in which every line should…