Bridesmaids, Lua, love

Calling Cupid

Calling Cupid ~ this boy is ready for romance happy feet itching to dance ready for rock, roll, or swing or maybe two-step is your thing ~ dance into these tender arms surrendering to the charms with promises to nurture your heart giving romance a joyful start ~ Once again I’ve enjoyed letting my imagination…

painting, poetry

Splish Splash Wrath

Splish Splash Wrath © Vera Komnig, Painting #364 ~ splish splash wrath I was taking a bath the bubbles were glowing my excitement overflowing ~ words splishing and splashing with phrases so smashing a playful stew of co-creation filled the plot with ideation ~ my muse was perplexing with thoughts too vexing so we must say…

Thanksgiving, satire

Turkey Tribute

Turkey Tribute ~ turkeys falling like gifts from the sky as American as apple pie giving thanks is why we celebrate this day marking a day to get out of our own way fatten the birds to stuff and dress look out kitchen here comes the mess a bountiful meal with potatoes, cranberry, and pie…

All Saints Day Franciscan Media

Haunted or Hallowed?

Haunted or Hallowed ~ hateful warlords corporate mouthpieces media hysteria fearful mobs endless wars systemic poverty climate crisis ~ connections life and death opportunities hidden in challenges will we divide in fear or unify in love choices are looming the time is now hallowed be thy name ~ All Saints’ Day, aka All Hallows’ Day, All…

Lua, ceramics, poetry, play

Lingering with Lua

Lingering with Lua ~ lingering in his gaze filled with curiosity sweet and innocent ~ her beauty shines forth to bedazzle and beguile playful dreams begin ~ Lua and Drake are two of Belén Soto’s latest ceramic characters that have inspired my imagination. You can see the rest of her fanciful art at Cerámica Belén Soto.  

sideways shuffle

Sideways Shuffle

Sideways Shuffle I’ve been doing the sideways shuffle for a long time. In case you’re not familiar with this silly dance, grab a partner and prepare to boogie! Here’s my version of the sideways shuffle. ~ Shuffle to the right. Shuffle to the left. Slide step right. Slide step left. Hop, spin around and repeat…

Full Moon Madness

Strawberry Moonbeams

Strawberry Moonbeams The strawberry moonbeams stir fruitful dreams!  🙂 ~ The photo above was taken by North Watt, a local stone balancer, philosopher and photographer. Gravity Whispers is a website featuring photos of the unique and temporal art of stone balancing. Explore and enjoy! It was a beautiful full moon last night. The full moon was called…

fox, poetry

Fox Tales

Fox Tales ~ big bushy tail sways calling the boys to come play shall we dance tonight ~ eyes and ears alert a mother out foraging looks for secret signs ~ This little cutie came to visit today, I’ve seen her around the property before, but today she was right outside my bedroom window. Although…

spring, poetry, joy

Spring Fling

Spring Fling ~ he flashed his white blooms she opened purple petals they had a spring fling ~ Many years ago I rented an apartment in this neighborhood. Each spring the street explodes with dogwoods, redbuds, azaleas and an abundance of flowers. People walk and drive through the neighborhood to gawk at the springtime display…

dogs, poetry, play

Dog Days

Dog Days ~ me and my floppy dogs sitting like ceramic logs typically eager to please today too tired to sneeze with no energy to play we’re resting for another day to offer no grand allegories but mere dog day stories ~ These are more delightful sculptures from Belén Soto. I love the whimsical expressions, playful feelings…